Make Money With Apps On Your Smartphone, Computer, or Tablet

An Easy Way To Make Money Online Thank you for visiting I have been successfully using apps and various other websites to make money online since 2010. In general, I prefer to be paid from an app before I review it but that is not always possible, especially for certain regional apps.  I have […]


CashCrate App Review | Paid 2 Times


Make Money Online With Paid Surveys And Free Offers CashCrate is a GPT website that has been around since 2008 with an app that pays you to do various activities on your Android. You can also use iPhone through Safari. I have been using CashCrate off and on since about 2010 and I can say […]


I’m Still Here

I want to apologize for my extended absence. There has been a lot of significant changes in my personal life in the last several months and I have not been keeping up with app reviews as much as I should. I have been continuing to use most of the apps and websites that I have […]


Zappidy App Review | Paid 34 Times

The Zapiddy Logo

Get Paid While You Shop Zappidy by Datahound LLC. is an app that pays you to do micro jobs such as brief surveys and mystery shopping. Zappidy is very similar to Field Agent and the original version of GoSpotCheck. It is currently is only available for iPhone and iPad but there is an Android version […]


BestReviewApp Review | Paid 3 Times

BestReviewApp Logo

Get Paid To Review Apps BestReviewApp is a website for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that pays you to download apps in the Apple App Store and provide an honest review of your experience with it. I have been using BestReviewApp for about 2 months and I have been paid 3 times for a total of $48.92 […]


The Ride App Review | Paid 3 Times

Go Anywhere And Get Rewarded The Ride App by OnMobile Media is an app for iPhone that pays you for having it on your phone while you travel. There is no requirement to do any check ins or scans all you have to do is have the app on your phone to accumulate points. It […]


mPoints Mobile Rewards Review | Paid 12 Times


Your Mobile App Loyalty Plan mPoints is a rewards program by Sessionm for Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It pays you to play games, visit apps, watch videos and various other activities. mPoints is not an individual app it is a rewards program for many different apps.  I have been actively using apps that […]


Happy New Year

New Reviews Coming Soon I have completed the move to a new web host. I believe the majority of the problems I was experiencing with hackers was a result of the previous web host. Now that everything seems to be in good working order I am busy updating old reviews and creating new ones. I […]


Please Excuse The Dust

Due to some recent hacker attacks that have essentially brought my site down I am making some significant changes. The look and feel of will change and hopefully I get up to speed on all of the new stuff very quickly. In the meantime thanks for bearing with me while I transition to a […]


ReviewForDev Review | Paid 19 Times


Get Paid To Test And Review IOS Apps   ReviewForDev is an exclusive service that pays you to test and review apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch on their site. This service is designed to help developers improve their apps so you do have the option to include a review in the Apple App […]


Check Out The Zombie Mulch App On Facebook | Paid 3 Times

A Free $30 In Home Depot Vouchers For About One Hour Of Game Play Home Depot has created an app called Zombie Mulch for Facebook that is available From October 15th, 2012 until November 6th, 2012. I played Zombie Mulch for about an hour and I received $30.00 in coupons to spend in the Home […]