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AndroidOpinion is the sister site to MyAppAware, that pays you to download and review Android apps in the Google Play store. AndroidOpinion looks almost identical to MyAppAware because it is the same company. At the time of this writing, I have not had a chance to test this service since it just launched, but I have used MyAppAware Since January of 2012 and I have been paid a total of 16 times. My total payments from MyAppaware to date have been $300.73 including the cost of the apps and all bonuses I have received. I will update this post as I start to receive payments from AndroidOpinion.


I want to stress that, like MyAppAware, this is a legitimate service that pays you the cost of the app (plus a small bonus) for an HONEST well thought out review. This service does NOT expect or want you to give a positive review because you are being given a small amount of compensation. You are compensated for the effort of taking the time to try an app and give a well thought out review. In my experience they NEVER attempt to influence whether your review is positive, negative, or neutral. Providing only honest feedback is beneficial to the app developer and anyone who may want to download the app in the future.


AndroidOpinion Has Been Moved To The Graveyard

Update November 21st, 2012 – I have been paid a total of 5 times by AndroidOpinion for lifetime earnings of 38.43 including the cost of the apps and any bonuses that I have received. My current earnings from MyAppaware are 512.89 making a current combined total of 539.54.


How AndroidOpinion Works

When you first sign up it’s important to make sure you give them your correct Google Play nickname so that they can find and credit you for reviews.  When you log into AndroidOpinion, you will initially see your dashboard which tells you how many apps you have reserved to review, how many apps you have reviewed, and how much you are owed in purchases and bonuses.


App Repository

Android Opinion App Repository

Android Opinion App Repository

When you click the repository tab you are shown a list of apps available in 20 different categories including: games, books, travel, medical, productivity, lifestyle, etc.. If you click the category, the available apps will show up in the middle. Click on “review this app” and the app will move to the “apps you are about to review” column.  You can select up to 5 apps at a time and you will have 2 days to purchase, download and review your app.


Getting Credit For Your Review

It can take up to a day for Google Play to post your review so be sure to test the app and write your review as soon as possible. The system will find your review and you will be credited for it.  Sometimes your review is verified after the 2 days have passed but you will still get credit as long as you wrote and posted your review in time.



After your review has been verified you need to do an action. Actions include following the app developer on Twitter, liking them on Facebook, or answering questions about how the developer can improve their app. You get paid a bonus for completing at least one of the actions, the developer chooses which actions to make available.


VIP Program

If you are able to provide reviews that are of high quality (positive, negative, and neutral) you can request to be in the VIP program. There is no charge for the VIP program and it will allow you to review apps that the developer has requested a limited number of reviews. As a VIP member you also get all of the reviews reserved for you automatically without having to sort through the repository.

How Much Can You Earn?

With you are reimbursed the purchase price of the app and you get a bonus for every review and action you perform. You are always paid the entire price of the app; if the app is free you will still get paid the bonus.

Combined Or Basic Plan

There are 2 different account plans to choose from: the combined plan and the basic plan. The combined plan requires you to make at least $3.00 in bonuses before you are able to cash out. In my experience with this company so far I have only used the combined plan. The difference between the two is the basic plan only pays you half of the bonus amounts and the combined plan pays the full amount. The benefit of the basic plan is that you don’t have to meet a minimum payment to cash out the cost of your apps. You can switch between the two anytime you have no pending bonus to be paid.


When you are choosing an app in the repository to review you will see that there is bonus amount which is between $.70 and $1.00. After you complete a review and action you will only be paid $.60 and $.90 per app. This discrepancy is because the app developer is given the option to rate your action which could increase your bonus by $.10 but they generally don’t. In my experience they have not rated any of my actions, I told support that they really should change this policy but they have not done it yet.

Is There A Referral Program? has a generous referral program; it pays $1.00 per referral, after referrals complete a review. Each person to sign up also gets a $1.00 bonus after their first review is credited. The 1.00 signup bonus is paid automatically without having to wait for a minimum. Here is my referral link; I really appreciate anyone using it if you find this review to be useful. I am also including a non-referral link if you would prefer to use it.


Dead Link Removed

Dead Link Removed


Cashing Out

Once you reach the minimum payment for the combined plan, or at any time for the basic plan, just request a

Android Opinion Cash Out

Android Opinion Cash Out

payment and you will be paid immediately to your PayPal account. I have been impressed by the fact that there is absolutely no wait time for payment with this company.

AndroidOpinion Support

I have emailed support for several things and I have found that there is always an appropriate response within 24 hours or less. Frequently they respond within just a few hours. For this reason alone I highly recommend them.


Helpful AndroidOpinion Tips

  • Make sure you provide only honest and well thought out reviews, think of the app as if you had paid for it, no one will benefit from false reviews whether positive or negative.
  • Make sure your star rating always matches your review, if your review is positive you should have 4 or 5 stars, if it is negative it should have only 1 or 2 stars.
  • You can have only 1 account per user, if you attempt to have more than one account they will all be canceled.
  • Make sure that take a little time to use the app before writing a review; you are being paid for the time to engage with the app. Please don’t make up reviews that have nothing to do with the app because you didn’t want to take the time to try it first.
  • Please respect this service, in my experience they are very trustworthy and honest, please treat them accordingly.
  • If you have any issues contact support they will resolve them quickly.


  1. Susan Gray says:

    First time I have seen that developers are using this creative idea for android application promoion review. Its very interesting idea about promoting application over apple store and of course in front of users. I like that but i think Is there any chance to improve more this idea? If yes, then keep improving.

    Susan Gray

  2. AndroidOpinion – I loved this site
    Whether any similar sites(not apps) for reviewing and testing(android).

    • This is a good company to work with. I don’t know of any others at this time, Android is pretty limited right now. Hopefully there are more opportunities available soon.

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