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Checkpoints Welcome Screen

The Welcome Screen For Checkpoints

Checkpoints is a fun app, which is very similar to Shopkick, that pays you to scan product bar codes at local stores. I find the scavenger hunt aspect to be lots of fun and it is a very convenient way to earn gift cards and prizes online. CheckPoints is available for both iPhone and Android phones. You can use it on iPod Touch and iPad but these devices can’t do scans. There is also a new feature called CheckPoints mall, with a toolbar that pays you to search, and purchase products on your computer. Sometimes they have mystery products and treasure hunts that are really fun to participate in. Over the course of 1 year, I have earned a total of $190 worth of Amazon gift cards.


CheckPoints Is Recommended

As of March 27th, 2016 – I have been paid a total of 72 times by Checkpoints. My Total lifetime earnings to date are $913 in gift cards.


How CheckPoints Works


When you are out shopping aA Summary Of Checkpoints Appll you have to do is open the app and it will give you a list of nearby places to check into to do product scans. All the stores are listed by points and coins. You get 1 coin and usually between 10 and 50 points per scan . Coins can be redeemed in the game area of the app for a spin on the slots or a scratch ticket. Each game you play gives you a chance to win 20, 50, 5000 and 150,000 points. Points are redeemable for various gift cards and prizes including: Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Home Depot gift cards, a Nintendo Wii, an Xbox, and Sky Miles. The prizes start at 300 points which is worth about a dollar. You also have the option to give your points as a donation to your choice of several charities.


There is  a decent referral program that currently earns the referrer 150 points, which is about .50, and the referral 300 points which is about 1.00. My referral code is sodaguy, thanks for using it.

Here is the link to download the free CheckPoints Android App in the Google Play Store.

Here is the link to download CheckPoints for free in the iTunes App Store:
CheckPoints #1 Rewards App And Free Barcode Scanner – inMarket Media, LLC
Here is the link to the CheckPoints Website.


Warning: do not ever post your CheckPoints referral code in the app store or you will get banned and forfeit any unpaid earnings.


Cashing Out Your Earnings

When you cash out for gift cards the payment is usually within a few minutes. I have not cashed out for a physical item so I don’t know the turn around time for those. Sometimes they review your account, to see if there is any suspicious activity, which can take up to a week. In general I have had very few problems with this app, but there are occasional times when the app has been down. I did get warning one time because they said I had violated the terms of service, I was baffled by this so I sent support an email requesting to know what I had done but did not receive a reply, I assume it was a mistake.

Helpful CheckPoints Tips

  • Sometimes it is more convenient to scan a product with the bar code upside down, it will work the same as if the code is right side up. I find this saves me a lot of time and effort.
  • Don’t post your referral code in the App Store, I can’t stress this enough, you will get banned and lose your unpaid earnings.
  • I find that Wal-Mart generally has the most scans and the most special items.
  •  Make sure you are in the correct store when you scan, don’t ever try to cheat the system. There are some new home scans in the easy points tab, those are the only scans that can be done from home.
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  1. Hello.. I’m having trouble finding my Swagbucks membership ID/code to connect it with Checkpoints. Any ideas? :/

  2. christine says:

    Actually your user name/referral name is different than the member id that you need for checkpoints. The one you need is a number. Here’s the directions. Hope it helps!

    Finding yourSwagbucks ID
    1. Log in – Make sure you are logged into your Swagbucks account. Or click here to create an account.

    2. Copy- Select and copy (Ctrl + C or right click and select copy) the script below.

    javascript:alert(“Your Swag Bucks member ID is\n”+document.getElementsByName (“flashvar.memberid”)[0].value);

    3. Click – Click here to open the swagbuck widget page. (or from Swagbucks menu go Tools > Widget)

    4. Paste – Paste (Crl + V or right click and select paste) the code in the address bar (not the search field!) of the window with the Swidget page. Then follow the instructions below for your specific browser.

    • Hi Christine,

      Thanks for reading my blog and contributing to the discussion. I’m not sure where you got this information from but I just use my Swagbucks username for my CheckPoints bonus like Swagbucks says to do. I started doing this when they launched it in 2010 I and have always gotten my bonuses. The only thing is sometimes they skip a month and credit two months at a time so don’t be alarmed if it seems a little late.

  3. I’m doing some research on this, and so far it seems good. I do have a question, what sorts of bonuses do you get for linking this with a swagbucks account?

    • Hi Anwen,

      You get 6 Swagbucks per month for each month you do at least 1 valid scan. It isn’t a lot but it’s free and you don’t have to do anything extra to get it.

  4. Where can i get the membership id number? and can you get 6 swagbucks PER scan?

    • Hi Kenneth,

      You just have to enter your SwagBucks username. You get 6 SB per month for each month that you do a valid scan. I wish it was 6 SB per scan!

      • Where is the my loyalty tab

        • Hi Lisa,

          Sorry about the delay, I was holding off on answering anything until I verified everything was working correctly after I migrated the site to a new server. The My Loyalty Programs tab is located at the bottom of the settings screen. You need to push the little gear/wheel icon on the top right of any page and you will find the My Loyalty Programs at the bottom of the account screen.

  5. Hey Stan, I tried out checkpoints and it was fun on the first day. The next day when I tried to use it I kept kept getting error messages when I tried to scan that the barcode a were too far away. It did that for EVERY product I scanned. I had to be content with the checkins instead. Did you ever get this error?

    • Hi Ralph,

      I did have that happen once when I thought I was checked into a store and it turned is was checked into the wrong location at the same chain. I would contact Checkpoints support if it happens more than once.

  6. I went to download it on my iPhone, but couldn’t find it. When I clicked on your link above, it says the app is not available in the US.

  7. I love checkpoints for the reason that this is one of a couple of apps that i can redeem for southwest airlines points that and erewards.

  8. I have followed the rules to thr t and i went to redeem my points and all of s sudden it said i was banned and couldnt get the gift card. What a sham.

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