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First screen in GoSpotcheck App

GoSpotCheck App Home Screen

GoSpotCheck is a mystery shopping app for iPhone, and 3g enabled iPads, that is like Field Agent and Gigwalk. There is currently a waiting list for Android users. I downloaded the app and signed up in December of 2011,  initially there were only jobs in Colorado, but they have now expanded into other areas. About 2 months ago they contacted me by email to tell me that they had missions available in my area, I did a total of 4 jobs that day and I was paid $40.00 directly to my Paypal. As of this writing I have been paid 3 times for a total of $65 in 2 months. They tell you how much you made per hour after each mission is completed and my highest to date is $323 per hour.

Update September 26th, 2012 GoSpotCheck finished the current phase of beta testing and is currently not available in the Apple App Store. I will post any updates that I receive as they are available. For now here is the official email sent to users:

Farewell for Now



Hello GoSpotCheck faithful!


Over the past year, GoSpotCheck has worked with you to create one of the most innovative and exciting platforms for a unique and open dialogue between brands and customers. In doing so, we have gathered some of the most thoughtful and insightful data, and thanks to YOU we are on our way to improving the marketplace for shoppers and brands alike!


We have concluded the first phase of our app discovery, and we have learned quite a bit about how the marketplace can use this tool and more importantly, how we can enhance it. There will be one last mission that we’d love for you to complete, which is to summarize your experience as a shopper and with GoSpotCheck.


We want to thank each and every user for taking part in all of our missions and our development process for the app and our company. After this final mission, there will be no new missions for now!


We will be working over the next few weeks to settle all unpaid mission debts as well as honoring the point/gift card system as outlined by the company. Please contact us if you should have any questions or problems.


We look forward to seeing you all down the line!


Until then, mind the store, love your brands and enjoy your days!


The GoSpotCheck Team

GoSpotCheck Is Not Active

Update September 17th, 2012 – I have now been paid 17 times, bringing my total earnings to $134 in PayPal cash since I started using GoSpotCheck.


How GoSpotCheck Works

Get Paid To Shop

The jobs available from GoSpotCheck are called missions. When you log into GoSpotCheck just click on available missions at the top, you will be shown a list of all the possible missions you can do in your area, you also have the option of looking at the missions on a map. When you reserve a mission you have 8 hours to complete it, if you don’t finish the mission within 8 hours it becomes available for anyone to reserve it. Once you start the mission all you need to do is answer all of the questions and provide all the pictures it asks for, most missions only take a few minutes.

 What If There Is A Problem With A Mission?

Product Not found

On the 3rd mission I did, the product was not available anywhere in the store so I checked every department the product could possibly be in, then asked several managers about the product. After asking for it in all of the departments, I emailed GoSpotCheck Support and told them about the situation. I didn’t complete the mission because there was no option for “product not found” in the job. To my surprise they paid me anyway and told me to make sure I go to the “Need Help” tab at the top of the app if I experience this problem in the future.

Getting Caught Mystery Shopping

Since this is a mystery shopping app and you are supposed to be discreet, it is important to do everything you can to avoid being caught. If you are asked what you are doing, say something like researching this product on your phone. Some things that will help are turning the volume off so nobody hears your camera and waiting until there are no associates around to discreetly take a picture.  I was caught one time with GoSpotCheck but the store employee just talked to me about the product without asking what I was doing. I did get caught doing a mystery shop for Field Agent one time in a WalMart and I was asked to leave the store. I also was approached by Walmart security while using Shopkick one time but they didn’t stop me from doing it. I have been told by GoSpotCheck that you will still be paid if you are asked to leave and you should contact support immediately.

What You Can Make

So far most of the missions that I have done have paid between $5 and $10, which is amazing for a few minutes of easy work.  I have gotten paid $65 for the missions I have done within about 2 months. At times they offer performance bonuses if you are able to complete large amounts of specific missions within a certain time frame. The last bonuses that I saw were up to $200 but they didn’t have any of those missions in my area.


What Are Points?

GoSpotcheck missions that pay points

GoSpotCheck Point Missions

There are some missions that pay you in points instead of cash. These missions are typically easier and take less time than the missions that pay cash. Currently points are redeemable for gift cards at the rate of :

1,000 points = $10 gift card
2,000 points = $25 gift card
5,000 points = $75 gift card


Is There A Referral Program?

At this time there is no referral program available for GoSpotCheck.


Link Removed

Update September 26th, 2012 GoSpotCheck finished the current phase of beta testing and is currently not available in the Apple App Store. Please see above for more details.

Link Removed


Cashing Out

A screenshot Of my GoSpotCheck account

Here is a screenshot of my GoSpotCheck account

After you submit a mission to GoSpotCheck your work will be reviewed for quality which takes about 24 hours. There have never been any quality issues with my work but I was contacted by support one time for clarification about an answer I had given to a vague question. So Far everything that I have submitted has been approved.  Once your work is approved, you will be  paid automatically to your PayPal account within 2 business days, they take care of all PayPal fees so the amount you make is what you get paid. They pay 3 times a week so you never have to wait long for your money. It is important to add your PayPal address when you first sign up to avoid any delays in payment.

GoSpotCheck Support

I have found GoSpotCheck support to be amazing and very easy to work with. They respond very quickly and appropriately. My experience with this app so far has been excellent and the great job done by support is very much appreciated.


Helpful GoSpotCheck Tips

  • Make sure to check the app often for new jobs, they appear relatively frequently and are on a first come first served basis.
  • If you are ever caught don’t tell the store you are mystery shopping and contact support to tell them what happened right away.
  • Use the Need Help tab in the app if there is any issues during a mission.
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  1. Ian Wedlock says:

    Your experience for GoSpotCheck has already astounded me by the large benefit you received just through simple steps and losing nothing much along the way. Thanks for sharing such an interesting move on how you became so successful.

  2. Anna @ Extra Cash and Rewards says:

    I have heard good things about the GoSpotCheck app, I have not tried it myself yet though.

    Have you heard of the Viggle app? It’s one that you can use to get rewards for watching TV. Granted it’s not cash money, but still every little bit does help!

    I really like your site by the way, it’s full of useful info.

  3. Matt kutruff says:

    May you please email me a 50$ iTunes card you make so much and I am young and have a terrible time with them all :/

  4. does this stil work? i cant even find it in the app store.

  5. GoSpotCheck does work, I did a mission yesterday. There is a link to download the app in the review.

  6. Link doesn’t work on my iphone

    • That is strange I have tested the GospotCheck website link and the Apple download link several times on my phone and they work fine. Are you talking about a different link?

  7. I tried to find it in the app store and it is not there. I went to the website and put in my information to sign up and they said their sales team would get back to me. Don’t know if this helps, hopefully they reply soon.

  8. Did you ever get a response from them regarding the app in the Itunes catalog? When I clicked on the link you had on your page, it stated that the app was not available in the US.

    • They didn’t respond but they did post some info on their blog. Sadly, they have made the app temporarily unavailable. They are currently only allowing companies to use it internally.

  9. How do I become an agent for go spot check

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