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Paid Surveys

IdeaShifters is a survey app, from Paradigm Sample, for Android and iPhone that pays you to do short surveys. I downloaded IdeaShifters in March of 2012 and reached the $10 minimum payout in May of 2012. When I went to cash out, I was locked out of my account and told that I was no longer allowed to do surveys since there was a quality issue with some of my more recent surveys. There was no mention of issues with any of my surveys or my account prior to cashing out.


Hall Of Shame

At this time I do NOT recommend this app since I have NOT been paid for ANY of the surveys that I have completed for them.

How IdeaShifters Works

What you can earn

With IdeaShifters you earn points, 100 points is equal to a 10.00 Amazon gift card. Surveys usually pay 10 points, or $1.00 each, but they can pay more or less depending on the survey. At the time I tested the IdeaShifters app, Amazon gift cards were the only payment option.

Taking Surveys

IdeaShifters is a mobile survey app that has surveys primarily about shopping habits. When I first signed up, I was surprised about how many mobile surveys I received immediately within the app. In the first day I had almost reached half of the minimum $10.00 payout. After the initial surveys at signup, almost every survey I received was through email and needed to be done on a computer.

Is There A Referral Program?

At this time IdeaShifters does not currently have a referral program.

Here is the link to the free IdeaShifters app for Android in the Google Play Store.

Here is the link to download IdeaShifters for free at the Apple App Store.


Cashing Out

After completing enough surveys to reach the minimum $10.00 Amazon gift card payout, I submitted a request for payment.  No more than a few days later, I received another survey to complete by email.  When logging in, I discovered I could no longer access my account.  I tried unsuccessfully to reset my password several times (the only solution offered for account access trouble) so I contacted the company for further support. Here is the email exchange that followed:

My Email To IdeaShifters

Ever since I reached the minimum payout I have been unable to login to my account. I have requested to change my password from within the app but have not received any emails. Please fix my account issues and allow me to redeem my gift card.

Thanks, Stan

IdeaShifters Reply To Me

Hi ,


We found the responses you provided in the recent surveys did not meet our quality standards and we had to regrettably remove You from taking surveys with us.




IdeaShifters Is A Scam

In my 13 year long experience taking paid surveys online, I have worked with many different survey companies.  This is the only time I have had a company not pay me after I reached the minimum.  It is, of course, common and reasonable for companies to screen surveys for quality or not let you take them if you don’t fit the target demographic but that is not what happened here.  With IdeaShifters, most of the surveys I responded to were regarding personal shopping habits.  I have no idea how there could have been any quality problems with answers to multiple choice questions regarding my habits after being offered a survey based on my demographical information on file with them.  IdeaShifters suddenly claimed they did not owe me anything for ANY of the surveys I did for them, AFTER I cashed out, because they “decided to reject some of my later surveys”. This places the company firmly in SCAM territory, in my considered opinion.


You Do Not Have To Look Far To Find Other Reports On The Internet Of Non-Payment And Delayed Payment From IdeaShifters

Here are some other reports of problems with IdeaShifters that I found on Google:

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  1. I am thinking about doing some paid surveys….but i am not sure which company to choose or how to find an honest company since there are so many false ads out there.

  2. I to have emailed them twice now for the link to cash out my 200 points before they expire in December. They replied once so far saying they have issues with the Amazon gift card payout and nothing since! I like the site because it pays pretty good compared to a lot of others but we need to get paid!

    • In my experience the decision about when and if they will pay you is arbitrary. There are plenty of apps that are reputable and that don’t withhold payment to users for no apparent reason. I suggest using any site that I have recommended instead of IdeaShifters if you care about being paid.

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