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iJob, from Zimmerick, is a paid survey app for iPhone, iPad, and  iPod Touch. With iJob you are paid .50 for each short survey that you answer. Most of the jobs I have seen only involve answering Questions but sometimes they also ask you to take pictures or watch videos in addition to a survey. I have been using iJob for about 6 months and I have completed 9 jobs and been paid for 5 of them directly to Paypal. The last 4 jobs I completed were in November but I have not yet been paid for them. At this time I do NOT recommend iJob since payments have become inconsistent. I will watch them closely and update here if anything changes.

Update – Jan. 28th, 2012 – I was paid for the 4 jobs that were completed in November but not previously paid. It appears that doing another job that popped up reminded them to pay me for those 4.

iJob Has Been Moved To The Graveyard

Update May 29th, 2012 -I have been paid 11 times by iJob for a lifetime total earnings of $5.50.



How iJob Works

When you open the app you are taken immediately to the available jobs screen. If there are jobs available you click on the ones you want and either answer the survey or follow the directions. It is important to know that you will not see any new jobs unless you swipe down on the screen to refresh. There is a limited amount of people that can take each job so be sure to grab it when you see it and complete it right away. Sometimes a job will ask you to take a picture of something, I got a job that asked me to photograph my favorite watch. By the time I got home to take the picture all of the available jobs had been completed.

What You Can Earn

At this time I have only seen surveys that pay .50  each in Paypal Cash . I do not know if there are any jobs that pay other amounts.


Cashing Out

After you complete a job in iJob you are paid the .50 automatically to your Paypal account usually within about a few days. They cover any Paypal fees.  There is no need to meet a minimum or request payment.

Is There A Referral Program?

Dead Link Removed


Here is the link to the Zimerick website.


Helpful Tips

  • Jobs are limited so they are first come first served, be sure to check often for new jobs.
  • Make sure to refresh the jobs screen each time you look for new jobs.
  • If you accept a job be sure to finish it quickly, if you leave and come back to it the job may no longer be available.



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