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Thank you for visiting I have been successfully using apps and various other websites to make money online since 2010. In general, I prefer to be paid from an app before I review it but that is not always possible, especially for certain regional apps.  I have put together and tested an extensive list of free apps that pay you to assist in helping you earn money online using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.  At this time I will not be reviewing any paid apps. This is by no means a complete list as there are new apps that pay you popping up all of the time. I will continue to review as many apps as possible to help you make informed decisions about which ones you want to use. All of these reviews are my honest opinion and facts regarding my usage, not all reviews are positive and not all apps that claim to pay you actually do. I will post whatever I find out about these apps and I appreciate any honest and constructive user feedback that anyone would like to contribute in the comments.

Offset The High Costs Of Owning A Smartphone

Apps are an excellent way to make a good amount of supplemental income. I don’t make a fortune from them but they definitely add a pretty substantial amount to my monthly income, which helps cover the cost of owning a smartphone and paying for internet service, for a relatively small amount of fun work. There are many different ways to make money from apps, the majority of the ones I cover here pay you to do things like mystery shopping, bar code scanning, surveys, polls, and download other apps.

I Hope You Find These App Reviews To Be Very Useful is committed to bringing you high quality reviews of money making apps. If you find this information useful please leave a comment to let me know about it. I also appreciate anyone signing up through my links when possible to help me offset the costs of providing this content to you. If you have a request for an app you would like me to review please send me a message through the contact form and I will try to get to it as soon as I can.


Thanks, Stan

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  1. video production services says:

    That is right as smart phone, tablet and Computer are the medium by which we can earn money online. All these are the example of technology that you have defined very clearly.

  2. I think that smartphone is the best way for making money online. It keeps you update at every time.

  3. says:

    WeReward is a great app. Search for busineeses nearby and take a pic of yourself standing in front or in a business with their signage and earn at least 10 cents. If it’s a featured location then it’s usually at least 25 cents. You can earn also from taking pictures of yourself using products. Once you have $10 or more you can cash out via PayPal. I easily earn a minimum of 40 cents a day. Doesn’t seem like much but it adds up. That’s a minimum of $146 annually I’m earning for doing very little. If I’m at the post office standing in line…SNAP..10 cents…eating a burger at Wendy’s..snap 25 cents..wearing an Under Armour shirt..SNAP..25 cents…getting a prescription filled at WalGreens…SNAP 25 cents…and the list never ends.

  4. Hi,

    I have not had such good luck with WeReward since the tasks have been gone. I personally don’t like taking a picture of myself endorsing businesses, products, or services unless I really believe in them. So that is why I moved WeReward to the Not Recommended List. I’m happy to hear that you have been so successful with it though.

  5. Hi Stan. Thanks for sharing this interesting information. To be honest I’ve never thought app reviewing would be paid. Nonetheless, I believe reviewers who say that they are honest about what they write, usually are. But what about the rest? I mean from your experience, do you think that this marketing technique should make us skeptical about the apps? Should I start questioning the reliability and honesty of the reviews? Please tell us what you think about that.

  6. The companies that I have recommended do not pay anyone with the intention of getting only positive reviews. They ask you to try the app and give honest feedback whether it is positive or negative. You should always pay attention to any reviews, if they are informative and well thought out they are usually more credible, if not you can tell.

    This is a great way for developers to get people to try out and use their apps and I believe that it is a really great use of marketing dollars. Many places, like Amazon for example, don’t even require anyone to purchase a product before reviewing it. I have seen very questionable reviews at Amazon, iTunes, and many other places. I think this particular marketing strategy will produce more quality reviews overall than you would see otherwise.

  7. Jazmine Lyons says:

    Thanks for the listings! I enjoyed it. Very helpful.
    I also recommend fiverr and ipoints.

  8. ClaireApps says:

    I really don’t have an idea on how to start making money using my smart phone, can anyone help me to start? Thanks.

  9. Hi Stan,

    I really like reading your blog, and look forward to future additions and updates.

    I notice that you have not included Mpoints/Mrewards. I earn about $10.00 per week from them. For me they are an essential part of my online earning arsenal. They are available through both IOS apps and android devices.

    I hope the dust settles, and we can continue to learn new earning opportunities from you!

    • Hi Gadi,

      Thanks for the kind words. I have a review of mPoints ready but they have not answered any of my questions about the service that I need clarification about. I’m planning to publish on Monday even if I don’t hear back. It has been almost 2 weeks since I sent them an email with questions. The next several reviews I am planning should go much quicker.

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