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Get Paid To Review Apps

myAppRatings is a website that pays you to review apps for iPhone, iPad, iTouch, BlackBerry or Android devices. The reviews are relatively short and you are not asked to post a review in the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. I joined in September and reviewed the Facebook app. According to my account I have earned $7.50.

myAppRatings is Not Recommended


How myAppRatings Works

After you sign up for an App Rater account you are sent a confirmation email. Once you confirm your account you can log on and review apps. At this time you are able to pick from 3 apps: Facebook, LinkedIn, and EZ Score Basketball Stats.  I was initially very skeptical about this site due to the fact that there is very little information about the role of an App Rater but I wanted to see how the site worked.

After I reviewed the Facebook App, and was credited $7.50 to my account, I decided to send an email to support inquiring about the lack of information. I did get a reply from myAppRatings support within a matter of hours.

Here is the email I sent:

I reviewed an app on your site. I don’t see any TOS or description of how the service works for the reviewer. Can you tell me a little more about the service please?

Thanks, Stan


Here is the Reply I received:


Stan, the site is dormant while we look for investors.




It appears that this site is being left active although it is currently dormant as a demo. Since you are able to sign up and write reviews for the promise of payment,  I decided to write this review now so that nobody wastes any time or money reviewing apps that they won’t get paid for. It does look like they do plan to go live in the future and I will update this review if that happens.









  1. ClaireApps says:

    Thanks for this information. But I would like to know how was the $7.50 credited to you?

  2. Missy Claire says:

    I failed to inform my friend not to try this App, and she told me last week that she tried the App and just proved this review. I recommended her this site so as to get updated with the Apps that really pays. Thanks.

    • I got an email from them saying that they are under new management so I would suggest keeping an eye on this post in case they become legit.

  3. Adriana says:

    Hi. I have also reviewed an app at myAppratings and when I looked in my account it said I earned $5 from it. When I asked them on how can I get my payment thru Paypal, a certain “Dave” replied and asked me when did I made the review. So I replied and told him the date. After that I emailed him again and asked him if he already checked my review and account, he never replied. This just happened a month ago. They just left me hanging and waiting. So in my opinion they probably don’t pay their reviewers. Thus, I won’t recommend this website to those reviewers who want to earn money. Don’t waste your precious time here.

    • Thanks for the update Adriana. It sounds like things have not really changed since the “new management” took over. I looked at the site today since I received and email stating that they have new apps to review. I noticed that they currently require a 4 or 5 star review in order for you to be paid which is something that I would not be willing to agree to.

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