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Nexercise Logo

Nexercise Logo

Nexercise is a very unique app for Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, that actually pays you to exercise. There is also an Android version coming soon. I downloaded the app several months ago but I was unable to use it for a while due to a car accident. I have used the app 3 times so far and I was given a coupon for a free pair of glasses from and a Bath And Body Works coupon good for a free travel size item (up to $6.00). With Nexercise you not only get paid with gift certificates and coupons but also with the extra motivation to become healthier and more fit. I believe everyone will benefit from using this app.


Nexercise Has Been Moved To The Graveyard

Update January 19th, 2012 – I have recieved a total of 30 Kiip rewards through Nexercise. Most of the rewards in this program are coupons or samples from various companies. I have not found all of these rewards to be useful but it is a nice incentive to get more exercise. The best rewards I have received so far have been 2x $2.00 Amazon MP3 gift cards and 1x$2.00 regular Amazon gift card sponsored by Blue Diamond Nuts. You can also earn mPoints from Nexercise.

How Nexercise Works

Every day you open Nexercise you are given experience points to level up. When you are ready to exercise all you do is click the Nexercise button in the middle. Then you will be given a choice of activities you want to do including aerobics, biking, running, boxing, yoga, rock climbing, Pilates, even P90X.

You are given the option of self reporting or having your device monitor your activity. Every time you work out for at least 2 minutes and submit the results, you are put in a drawing, based on your location, for various free rewards. You also receive points for every workout.

What You Can Earn

According to the company they have given rewards such as Best Buy gift cards and flowers. I have been given a coupon to Bath Bath And Body Works and Glasses from Both prizes that I got had very limited redemption windows between a week to a couple of months. Since you are put into a drawing for random prizes that are probably donated, I wouldn’t count on making much from this app. What you really are getting is an incentive to work out that is really fun.

Experience Points

There is a also a point system that you can use to become eligible for more rewards.  You receive points for various activities including opening the app everyday and checking in to your favorite fitness location. Points only last for 30 days so anything earned 31 days ago no longer counts.

Is There A Referral Program?

You are encouraged to invite friends and referrals will give you extra points. First Here is a link to sign up:

Dead Link Removed
Dead Link Removed

Dead Link Removed

Cashing Out

When you are done with an exercise and submit your activity you are entered into the drawing for a prize immediately. You will know right away if you are a winner. Your prize will be automatically emailed to you.

Helpful Nexercise Tips

  • Make sure to enable location services, this is how the prize drawings are determined.
  • When you receive a prize always check the restrictions and the expiration, although my first prize was of no use to me, I tried to give it to someone about a week after I got it and it was already expired.
  • Be sure to use the app often to level up and keep your points high.
  • Most of all, Have Fun!!!
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