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ReviewForDev is an exclusive service that pays you to test and review apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch on their site. This service is designed to help developers improve their apps so you do have the option to include a review in the Apple App Store but there is no obligation to do so. There are several different types of reviews with different payment structures including standard reviews, video reviews, and beta test reviews. I have been using ReviewForDev since August of 2012 which is about 3 months and I have been paid a total of $33.95 in PayPal cash for 6 reviews including the cost of the apps and the bonuses I have received. Currently the service is in beta but it will open fully in the near future.

ReviewForDev Is Not Currently Active

I really enjoyed this service and I hope it returns. This was one of the best sites to use as an app reviewer. Unfortunately it is not active but also not completely gone. Which means it does not belong in the Graveyard at this time. Hopefully it returns in the future.

Update September 2nd, 2013 – I have be paid a total of 19 times by ReviewForDev. My total earnings to date are $112.84 including the cost of apps and any bonuses. I recommend this service to anyone who enjoys testing apps and writing quality reviews. Please be aware that the amounts of memberships available on ReviewForDev are extremely limited so not everybody who requests an invite will receive one.


How ReviewForDev Works

How Much Money Can You Make?

When you do reviews for ReviewForDev you are paid a minimum of $4.00 per review in addition to the cost of the app so if an app costs $.99 you are paid 4.99, if an app costs $3.99 you will be paid $7.99. If an app has not been released in the app store yet which is a beta test you are paid $7.00 to test and review it. For video reviews you will be paid $7.00 plus the cost of the app and for video plus text reviews you will be paid $11.00 plus the cost of the app or $14.00 if the app has not yet been released.

Signing Up

In order to do reviews for ReviewForDev you must request an invite. With this service they are looking for objective reviews to help developers improve their apps. They do not want positive reviews because you are being paid to evaluate these apps.

Filling Out Your Profile

It is important to fill out your profile completely including a picture of you and list all of the special qualifications you have. I did not put a picture in my profile when I first signed up but I found out later that it was a requirement in order to test apps. Many of the apps that are available to review are geared toward children so if you have any children that can test apps with you it is important to list them and their ages. If you are promoted to beta tester you will need to put the UDID for your devices in your profile.

Here is a link to a free app called UDID Sender that will tell you what your UDID is.



Applying To Review An App

When a developer makes an app available to review you will get an email inviting you to apply to review an app. There are a limited amount of spaces available for reviewers and maximum amount of reviews a developer can purchase is 20. If you apply after there are enough applicants to do a review your chances of getting picked are much lower. When you apply to do a review, you will be asked to give some reasons why you think you are a good fit for this app. You should only pick apps that you find useful and that you can review from the perspective of wanting this app rather than being paid to review this app.

Reviewing An App Once You Are Selected

If you are one of the reviewers selected you will be given 10 calendar days to download, test, and review the app. Don’t worry about forgetting since you will receive a reminder when you have 4 days left and another reminder when you have 1 day left. I like to spend as much time as I can with an app before writing my review and then give it a day before I edit my review so it is well thought out. As a result I usually turn in my reviews around the 9th day. It is a violation of the terms and completely inappropriate to copy another review from anywhere else so please do not plagiarize your reviews.

There are 3 separate sections to fill out for each review:

  • The first section is what you liked about the app which is a minimum of 250 and a maximum of 600 characters. In this section you tell the reviewer all of the nice positive things about their app and what you enjoy about it. This is the nice part of the whole process. In my experience the developers who purchase this service generally have an excellent and well-designed product so it is very easy to find the positive attributes.
  • The second section is the things that could be better or the things that you would like to see changed in a future version of the app. This section is a minimum of 250 and a maximum of 600 characters long. This is the most important section of the entire review and it is the reason why the publishers pay for the service. There are very few apps that are absolutely perfect and need no improvement whatsoever, I have not found any so far. I have only given 5 stars to 1 app at the time of this writing and I felt that it still needed improvement. If you feel that everything about this app is perfect and it could not be improved upon it is your right to say so but this would be a very rare and exceptional app.
  • The third section is your overall impression of an app considering all of the factors. This section is 250 to 600 characters long and is a summary of all of the positive and negative factors of the app. This section should correspond with your star rating of this app. This is also the part that you will want to post in the Apple App Store if you decide to do so. This section is geared more toward a potential user of this app than the developer. It is important to be objective and fair about your reviews whether they are positive or negative because doing so will benefit both the developer and the future users of this app.

Finishing A Review

After you fill out the 3 sections you will be asked whether you put your summary of your review in the Apple App Store which is optional if the developer says it is OK to do. This is helpful to the developer and users if it is objective regardless of whether it is positive or negative. You will also be asked whether your review meets the ReviewForDev guidelines. It is important to check to make sure that you have not violated the TOS. The guidelines will also give you suggestions about the criteria that you are evaluating the app on.

Beta Tests

For beta tests and video reviews you are paid more than you make from standard reviews. The beta tests require a much more in depth review that includes more characters than a standard review. The minimums for beta are 400 characters for the first section, 1200 characters in the second section and the same 250 to 600 characters in the third section. In order to be able to apply for a beta test you must complete at least 2 standard reviews. I have completed 1 beta review at the time of this writing.

Video Reviews

The video reviews require you to make two video reviews. The first video is of your first impression of the app which should be about 5 minutes long. The second one is also 5 minutes long and it should be made after you have mastered the app. At this time I have not done any video reviews.


After a developer finishes reading your review they have the option of replying to your review and they can also provide you Review Karma if they find your review useful which will impact how well your reviews are assessed. If they reply to your review and you reply back within a couple of days with a helpful reply they have the option to give you even more Review Karma. At the time of this review there are 9 levels which mean 9 possible badges they are as follows:

Level 1 – Newbie = no Karma point
Level 2 – Apprentice = 1 Karma point
Level 3 – Advanced = between 2 and 5 Karma points
Level 4 – Expert = between 6 and 10 Karma points
Level 5 – Mogul = between 10 and 19 Karma points
Level 6 – Master = between 20 and 39 Karma points
Level 7 – Talent = between 40 and 69 Karma points
Level 8 – Veteran = between 70 and 99 Karma points
Level 9 – Legend = more than 100 Karma points!!

Red Cards

If you violate the TOS you will be given a Red Card. Some of the things that will earn you a Red Card are:

  • Poor quality reviews -Too many spelling or grammar mistakes, not respecting the review guidelines, reviews that are not useful or too general.
  • Not respecting deadlines – If you are late to turn in your review and don’t give feedback.

Getting a Red Card reduce your chances of getting future reviews. If you get 3 Red Cards your account at ReviewForDev will be banned.

Is There A Referral Program?

At this time there is no referral program and there are more applicants than there are tests for them to do. There is going to be a spot on the request invite form to add a profile description so the Admin can choose who would be the best fit. Here is the link to request an invitation to ReviewForDev.

Cashing Out

Once your review is verified you will automatically be sent a payment immediately via PayPal for the amount you are owed plus the PayPal fee. In my experience the wait time has never been more than 24 hours and it is usually significantly less than that. The Admin is in France so everything is done during French business hours.

Customer Service

ReviewForDev provides excellent customer service. Every time I have had to contact them the response has been extremely fast (within hours) and appropriate.


Helpful ReviewForDev Tips

  • If you get an email that says there is an app available you should reserve it ASAP if you want to review it because they go very fast.
  • Sometimes you will see that apps have already reached the maximum number of reviewers but you can still apply, it is possible to be selected but the chances are lower.
  • Be sure to fill out your profile completely, this will give the developers a better idea of the value you can provide them.
  • Make sure you follow all of the terms and get your reviews done within 10 days.
  • It is important to be objective and give an honest review, if all of your reviews are 5 stars you will probably not be picked for future reviews.
  • You are not required to publish your reviews in the Apple App Store but it is helpful to users and developers if you do.
  • If you cannot finish a review within 10 days please contact support to let them know as soon as you can so they can assign it to someone else.


  1. Dheeraj Reddy says:

    Hello Stan
    I’ve been reading your reviews for quite some time, and I use most of the apps suggested by you. I’ve applied for around 25 apps on ReviewForDev, but only 2 of them selected me. Is this usual? I currently have 2 Karma points.


    • Hi Dheeraj,

      It is my understanding that there is a variety of factors that go in to who gets chosen for each review. Since there are a very large amount of reviewers and only up to 20 reviews per app (many times it is less) people are picked based on things like profile matches, previous reviews, karma, and red cards.

      I have personally been chosen more often than that but I think it is because I have a child in the target age group. Another major factor that I have trouble with sometimes is the time many of the reviews become available to apply for. Since ReviewForDev is based in France they frequently become available while I am sleeping so I can only apply to a relatively small amount of them.

  2. I signed up back in April and am still waiting to register….Seems like they are overloaded.

  3. I have been Reading quite some of your reviews.I use most of your apps.They are good.

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