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Dead Link Removed is an app from Izea that pays you to do various things like checking in to local businesses, taking pictures of products, and downloading other apps. It is currently available for both iPhone and Android users. There are many different ways to get paid from WeReward. I have found that I sometimes get paid more for doing certain activities on WeReward than I can get from regular GPT sites. The biggest example I have of that is when I signed up for Nielson Digital Rewards the $10.00 payout was higher here than I could find anywhere else. I have been using WeReward for almost a year and I have cashed out 1 time for a total of $15.05.

WeReward Has Been Moved To The Graveyard

Update  July 21, 2012 – It has been about a year since I have earned anything from WeReward due to the fact that they have not offered any new paid tasks. The app looks like it is still functional, and I have a balance of $4.06, but apparently the only way to earn with this app now is by taking pictures of yourself endorsing products or places.


How WeReward Works

With WeReward you are paid in points for different activities. Each point is equal to .01, the minimum required to cash out is $10.00. When you open WeReward you are There are 3 different tabs at the bottom that you can earn rewards from:


The places tab is where you find all of the local paid check ins that are usually worth between 10- 75 points each. The check ins that pay the most generally require you to get a picture of yourself holding a certain item in the store. The lower paying ones require a photo outside of  the store.


Under the products tab you will find several different opportunities to take a picture yourself with a product that you have purchased for a reward between 5-750 points. The products range from grocery items like Stonyfield Farm and Bear Naked to a Domain from Godaddy.



Under the tasks tab you will find the apps that you are paid to download, most of them are free but they have some paid ones as well. This is where the Nielson download is when it is available. Sometimes you can also find profile questions you are paid to answer here.


Is There a Referral Program?

Yes there is a decent referral program, it pays 10% of your referrals earnings. Your referral link will be at the top of the placed tab after you sign up. Dead Links Removed


Dead Link Removed


Dead Link Removed

Cashing Out Your Earnings

Once you earn 1000 points which is $10.00, you are able to cash out under the rewards tab. Your payment is made directly to your Paypal account as soon as you give them your tax information. You do not have to get paid in $10.00 increments but it has to be at least $10.00. Payments are made instantly with no fees to the user.



Helpful WeReward Tips

  • Since many rewards require a photo in order to earn them, it is important to be aware of the Dead Link Removed before you submit a picture.
  • Check the app often because the available tasks, products, and check ins change frequently.
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