Hi, I’m Stan. I created this website because I really enjoy earning money with apps on my phone and I think most people would like to learn how to turn their smartphone into an extra paycheck. Back in 2010 I was told by my Doctor that I really needed to find a way to make a living by selling stuff online due to a disability that prevents me from doing many types of jobs. I am also a single father of a beautiful 8 year old girl named Zoe, who has been diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome and requires my full attention. We have really struggled to control Zoe’s seizures but we have made some great progress by using the ketogenic diet.

I have a great deal of business and computer experience but I really didn’t have a clue how to even start making money online. Initially, I created a blog called StansBlog.com,where I wrote about all kinds of random things. I first realized I could make money with my phone very shortly after that when I discovered CheckPoints. Soon after finding CheckPoints, I discovered Field Agent and by that time I was hooked. I continued to seek out more apps that pay you and I wrote little articles about them on StansBlog.com and on my Squidoo Lenses. Initially I thought it would be really cool if I could cover the cost of my phone bill with these apps. I was surprised by how popular my little articles had become.

While testing these apps, I have unfortunately run into several apps that don’t pay you and some that have even caused me to lose money. It started to become apparent to me that there was a real need for a website devoted to teaching people how to make money with their phones the right way and how avoid apps that don’t pay. That is why I started AppsThatPayYou.com around January of 2012 and the response has been incredible so far.





  1. Missy Claire says

    Hi Stan,
    I really find your site helpful and I really like trying the Apps that you have posted that really pays.
    This site help me start earning with Apps. Thanks. 🙂

  2. Rachel Hannah says

    Hello Stan,

    I was wondering when the last updates were and if you would have time to let me know if you have had any experience with certian apps not listed that I am using. I will give you a list of apps that I did not see on your site that may interest you if you are still doing this.


    • Hi Rachel,

      I am always willing to check out any apps that my readers would like more info about. I apologize for the delay in new articles. I will try to update soon.

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