Amazon Shopper Panel: How To Turn Your Receipts Into Gift Cards

The Amazon Shopper Panel Is Recommended

The Amazon Shopper Panel is a great way to earn gift card rewards for your everyday shopping. All you need to do is scan your receipts and submit them to the panel. You can also participate in brief surveys for some extra rewards. The panel is invite only so it could take some time to get started. The best Part about it is that uploading 10 receipts only takes a few minutes.

Amazon $500 Gift Card Survey

How Does The Amazon Shopper Panel Work?

Each month you can get paid to take pictures of and submit up to 10 non-Amazon receipts to the Amazon Shopper Panel. Each receipt you submit earns you a dollar in your Amazon gift card balance. You are welcome to submit more receipts if you like but you can only get paid for 10. You can also check for brief surveys in the app that usually pay between .25 to $2.00 each.

How Much Can I Make From Amazon Shopper Panel?

Generally you can make about $10.00 to $14.00 each month. As long as you submit 10 receipts during each month you will earn a minimum of $10.00 each month. If you check for surveys you can earn up to an extra dollar or 2 each month. The surveys are very brief but they pay well. You will not get any notifications about surveys so you must check for them manually. There is also an option to enable paid ads for some customers, I have not been given this option yet.

How Do I get Started With The Amazon Shopper Panel?

If you did not get an invite you can download the app on iPhone or Android and request and invite. It can take a few months to get the invite but its worth waiting for. There is no referral program at this time.

How Does Amazon Shopper Panel Compare To Other Receipt Apps?

Amazon Shopper Panel is similar to other receipt scanning apps like Fetch and Ibotta. It generally pays less than Ibotta and more than Fetch. The great thing about it is that you can submit the same receipts to all 3 apps without getting penalized since they are all using different data.

What Types Of Receipts Can I Submit?

I usually submit mostly grocery receipts because I have more of them than any other type of receipt. You can submit any receipts from stores that are not owned by Amazon. This would exclude Whole Foods. I even submit gas receipts each month and they qualify for rewards.

Helpful Amazon Shopper Panel Tips

Be sure to submit receipts early in the month, its steady income as long as they are done before the deadline.

It’s a good idea to manually check for surveys often, there are no notifications.

You can enable ads for more rewards if you are selected.


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