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Get Paid To Download IOS Apps And Provide Honest Reviews


AppRebates is a website, very similar to MyAppAware, which pays you to download and provide honest reviews of  apps on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. I have been using AppRebates for about 3 months now and I have been paid 16 times for a total of $153.23 which includes the cost of the apps and all bonuses I have received.


The nice thing about using both AppRebates and MyAppAware  is that they rarely get the same apps, I have only seen them have a handful of the same apps in the few months I have been working with them.


This is a legitimate company that does not provide false reviews. The small amount of money that you are paid for the bonuses is for your time to use the app so you will be able to give an honest thoughtful review. They never attempt to influence your reviews in any way so you are never asked to give a positive, negative, or neutral review for any app. Please respect this service and provide reviews that are helpful to everyone.


AppRebates Is Recommended


UpdateFebruary 28th, 2013 – I have been paid 36 times for a total of $396.81 which includes the cost of the apps and all bonuses that I have received.


How AppRebates Works

Signing up

When you sign up there will be a list of countries that are currently supported, if your country is not on the list they . Make sure that you provide them your correct Apple App Store nickname because that is how they verify the reviews  you write and are able to credit you for them.

Choosing Apps To Review

When you first log in to the AppRebates website you start out on the home screen. On the home screen there is a list of featured apps which are the ones that give a bonus in addition to a rebate for the full cost of the app. You can also find apps in the app directory which is listed by the type of app. New apps arrive almost daily.

Reviewing The Apps

When you find an app you want to download and review all you have to do is click the “Get It Now” button on your IOS device, or the “Get Rebate Now” button on your computer. After you click the button you will be given 24 hours to download and test the app and give your honest review in the Apple App Store. Once your review is found by their system, the credit for the app plus any bonuses are immediately deposited in your account. If you don’t get your review submitted and verified within 24 hours you will not get credit for the review.


How Much Can You Earn?

With AppRebates you will always be paid the entire amount that you pay for the app. Some apps are free and I have had apps that cost up to $5.00. In addition to the purchase price there is a bonus of featured apps that is either .50 or $1.00. Some apps do not offer bonuses so you would receive just the purchase price of the app after the review is verified.


Is There A Referral Program?

I contacted the company to inquire about a referral program and they told me that “there is no incentive referral program for AppRebates.” You are asked to share the website with your friends via email and social networking since they might like the service too.

Link Removed due to Firefox claiming the site is improperly configured.

Cashing out

You can cash out anytime you have a balance in your account. At this time they offer either cash outs by PayPal, for any amount you choose, and cash outs for iTunes gift cards in amounts of $15, $30, or $45. I have only been paid by PayPal, so far, and all of my payments have come within 2 days but they usually arrive faster.


AppRebates Support

I have had to contact support a few times. They are usually pretty quick to respond, generally within a day. I have not always had my problems resolved by support but they are better than many companies. In General my experience has been very positive with AppRebates.


Helpful AppRebates Tips

  • Make sure to check the website often, apps are added frequently, on a limited basis and they are first come first served.
  • It is important to provide honest and well thought out reviews, reviews that are of poor quality will degrade the service and cause there to be less apps available in the future.
  • Always abide by the Apple TOS, I could’nt get a review to post on time and it was because I mentioned YouTube in my review. Although YouTube was a major component of the app Apple would not approve my review until I took that part out.
  • Be sure to write your review as quickly as you can after downloading and trying the app, sometimes it takes a few hours for Apple to approve your reviews.
  • If you accidentally choose an app that you can’t review for any reason, such as it is for iPad only and you just have an iPhone, just let the time expire. There is no penalty for not doing a review if you are unable to.
  • Sometimes if you wait for an app that doesn’t have a bonus it will sometimes be added later. If you really want the app, don’t wait for a bonus because you might lose the opportunity to get it for free.



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  1. iDevice User says:

    It seems this site is no longer working. I cannot register.

  2. Have they slowed down since you started? I just joined under your referral and they only have 3 available apps for download and review.

    • Hi Gracie,

      AppRebates doesn’t have a referral program but thanks for checking it out. They go in cycles and according to the company they do release several apps per day. Once the apps are reserved they are no longer available unless someone doesn’t finish a review. I get a pretty steady amount from them but it is important to check the site frequently if you want to get apps to review. MyAppAware has been getting a very large amount of apps lately, I suggest checking them out if you have not done so already.

  3. peter raphael says:

    It seems as though the site no longer pays its members. I signed up and did everything correctly. I reviewed two free apps and both of them were approved, then I requested my money to be sent to my PayPal account. It has been a week and I still didn’t get my payment.

    • Hi Peter,

      I’m certain that they are still paying at this time. I would contact support and ask them about it. This happened to me once with them and they took care of it right after I emailed them.

      • peter raphael says:

        Thanks for your quick reply Stan. They just paid me today. It took a little while but it’s alright as long as they keep paying.

        • You’re welcome, I’m happy to hear you got the payment. I think they are really good to work with. I think this just happens once in awhile but it is pretty rare, it’s possible that they process in batches and it just happened to be when that batch was done. I would definitely let everyone know if I thought something was up.

  4. Hi! I just started using AppRebates and I like it very much but when I went to cash out for paypal cash, I do not know what to write in the amount section. It always tells me that ‘amount is not a number’.

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