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AppReviewerPro Welcome Screen

Welcome Screen for AppReviewer Pro

AppReviewerPro is a new service from AppGeneration, the company behind NPolls. The service pays you to download apps from the Apple App Store and review them. At this time, AppReviewerPro works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. I have been using AppReviewerPro since it launched a few weeks ago and so far I have been paid $9.00 directly to my PayPal account.


AppReviewerPro is a legitimate service which pays you to spend a little time with each app then give an honest review. They do not want you to write a positive review just because you received a small amount of compensation to take a little time to test the app. It doesn’t matter if your review is positive, negative, or neutral so long as it is an accurate review of your experience.


AppReviewerPro Has Been Moved To The Graveyard

Update November 21st, 2012 – The last payment I received was on November 6th and there has not been a single review available since November 7th, I will post an update if the site has reviews available again. I have now been paid 7 times, bringing my total which includes the cost of apps and all bonuses to $93.39 in PayPal cash since I started using AppReviewerPro.

While I recommend this site as a decent opportunity that does pay, I have some serious reservations about it. My main concerns are as follows:

Their FAQ states:

Q: Why did I not receive exactly $5 when I received my PayPal payment?

A: We are sorry for the inconvenience but in order to pay our users immediately, PayPal must charge the user, not the buyer. The fee is less if you claim at higher amounts such as $10 and $20. Even with this small fee, we still pay more to our loyal users than any other system available today.

Due to the fact that, to my knowledge, none of their competitors charge a similar fee, I contacted the company for comment. This was their response:

We use Paypal adaptive payments for the transaction to occur almost immediately after the user clicks on redeem the credits (it takes from 5 minutes to one hour). Paypal charge a fee of about 0,45 USD to every 5 USD transaction and charge it to the final user, although we pay the 5 USD. This fee is lower for 10 USD or 20 USD payments. With NPolls we were using Mass Payments, where the fee is charged to us, but since it’s not an automatically payment users prefer the first one.

While I am not a programmer, I did some research about PayPal Adaptive Payments. I discovered that it is up to the sender who pays the fee, not PayPal. The following is from the documentation regarding PayPal Adaptive Payments (a link is below). The relevant variable, or field, is feesPayer which has the following options:




(Optional) The payer of PayPal fees. Allowable values are:

    – Sender pays all fees (for personal, implicit simple/parallel payments; do not use for chained or unilateral payments)

    – Primary receiver pays all fees (chained payments only)

    – Each receiver pays their own fee (default, personal and unilateral payments)

    – Secondary receivers pay all fees (use only for chained payments with one secondary receiver)



As this is such a trivial thing to implement, it is our opinion that either AppReviewerPro is intentionally providing false information or they are simply incompetent. Either is cause for concern.

In reality, this company pays less than others while stating the opposite in their FAQ. Additionally, their claim that PayPal mandates the 50 cent fee is to be paid by the receiver of funds is demonstrably false. Furthermore, they admit in their comment to us that the transaction fee is less than 50 cents.

Based on the fact that you get paid we do recommend this service, We sincerely hope that the company addresses these issues appropriately.


How AppReviewerPro Works


How Much Can You Make?

With AppReviewerPro, you are paid in points that are redeemable for PayPal cash at the rate of 1 cent per point. Reviews generally pay between 40 and 50 points. If the app is a paid app you will be paid the cost of the app in points as well. Quizzes generally pay 40 points each. At this time there seems to be a new app to review about every 2-3 days but the company plans to have them daily. You will receive an email every time there is a new quiz or review to do.


App Quizzes

App quizzes are a feature unique to AppReviewerPro. The developers of each app have the option for you to take a quiz instead of reviewing their app in Apple App Store. Each quiz I have taken consisted of a single question designed to insure that that I had actually used the app. If you answer the question incorrectly you will not be paid.

App Reviews

AppReviewerPro Review Screen

The Review Screen For AppReviewerPro

When you reserve a review or quiz in AppReviewerPro, you will automatically be taken to the Apple App Store to download it. You will have a minimum of 24 hours, after reserving the app to download and review it. Depending on the campaign, you may have longer but it is a good idea to test and review the app as soon as possible so that it doesn’t expire. Reviews usually take a few hours to post in the Apple App Store. Once yours does, the system will detect it and you will receive your points.

One really nice thing about this service that I have not seen with similar services. This is the fact that if you have already reviewed an app, they want you to update the review so that it is a new review. That way you will still get paid even if you have reviewed the same app before.

Signing Up

When you first sign up you will receive a 50 point bonus to get started. It is critical to make sure you give them your correct iTunes user name. Otherwise, you will be unable to get paid.

Is There A Referral Program?

At this time there is a referral program that pays 50 points for each of the first 5 referrals and 2 points per referral thereafter. Referrals must sign up through your link and post their first review in order for you to receive credit.

The company claims in their FAQ that this dramatic reduction in points per referral is “a precaution to ensure all referrals are legitimate.” While I understand the need to limit fraud, I think there are much better (and less insulting) ways to ensure that referrals are legitimate.

Dead Links Removed


Cashing Out

Cash Out Screen For AppReviewerPro You can cash out at any time After reaching the minimum payout of 500 points which is equivalent to $4.50. The company says that payments are made instantly but can take up to an hour. Unlike most other programs of this type, the company does not cover the PayPal fee which will be deducted from your payment. You have the option of waiting until you reach $10.00 or $20.00 to cash out in order to pay a smaller percentage in fees.



If any reviews don’t credit within 24 hours after they post in the Apple App Store, you should contact support. I contacted support when this happened to me. They replied within about a day and made sure I got the credit.


Helpful AppReviewerPro Tips

  • You will forfeit any balance in your account when changing your iTunes nickname or country.
  • Be sure to provide honest, well thought out reviews. It doesn’t matter if they are positive, negative, or neutral. What matters is that they are real reviews that reflect your actual experience with the app.
  • Be sure to have the correct answer to the quiz you are taking before you answer it because you only get 1 shot.
  • Unlike other companies, this company does not cover PayPal fees so the higher the cash out amount (up to $20.00) the more money you get to keep.



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  1. Great review, thanks! What, in your opinion, is the reason they are so strange about the fees and referrals?

  2. Great review! Your reviews are always knowledgable, honest, and straight to the point. And it’s great how you always earn money with the app before reviewing. Btw I love how you always get to the bottom of everything!! 🙂

  3. AppReviewerPro paid me total 3 times for a total of 23.12$. Always within 2 minutes of requesting a payout. They provide app everyday.

    I found the website thru your reviews. So thanks for recommending it.

    • Hi Naveen,

      You are welcome and thanks for your feedback. I’m happy to hear AppReviewerPro is working well for you. I have found that they have a new app almost everyday (I only saw one day that they didn’t) but sometimes they have more than one. On average since they started they seem to have had slightly more than one app a day.

  4. I have been using this app for a few days now, at first there was only one app to review, and it’s been 4 days and they’ve finally added a new one today, which is a bummer because it takes so long to make profit with this one.. i will continue to play with it until my first cash out and come back.

    • Hi Tyler,

      Prior to the last few days there was only 1 other day that they didn’t have an app. I hope this is a temporary problem but you never really know. I believe I have reviewed every app they have offered so far.

  5. Is the service still available? No new apps for a long time now…

    • I don’t know what is going on with them, I have not seen any apps for weeks. They did just add a paid download section that had 2 apps which paid 30 cents each to download.

  6. Hi guys,
    No new Apps since 2 weeks, after the launch i have reviewed an app every day, i have reviewed nearly 60 Apps and earned 70$. But now i think the site is down. And i charged my itunes acc for appreviewerpro with a 100$ itunes card – Now i think that this was a mistake…:(

    • Hi Sebi,

      I noticed that it has been a really long time without any reviews. I emailed them a few days ago to see why and they have not responded. I will post any info that I get about this situation. In the mean time it might be a good time for anyone in a situation like yours to check out MyAppAware and AppRebates. They are both still active and paying very regularly.

  7. Hi again, Stan!
    Today i checked appreviewerpro again, but the site is not reachable…
    I really hope they are only working on “improvements”, but probably the site is down forever 🙁
    Haven’t seen any apps since months, so i think we can forget them…
    That’s not nice, i’ve never heard any statements of them about the future of appreviewerpro
    I’ve deleted the app already:-)

    • Hi Sebi,

      Thanks, I noticed the site is down as well. There has been no response to emails for an extended time and nPolls from the same company has not had any paid surveys for months either. I will be moving this site to the graveyard shortly if they don’t show any signs of still being in business shortly. I hope everyone cashed out before this happened.

  8. Thank you so much for putting this fabulous website together. I have come to enjoy and trust your reviews.

    I am so frustrated with this app and nPolls! I was up to $17 and change in ARP, and have $9.10 (just under the $10 needed to cash out) in nPolls. I really enjoyed these apps when they were working, but it sounds like you don’t hold out much hope. Is there anything we can do if we didn’t get to cash-out before the mysterious disappearance?

    • Hi Wendy,

      You’re Welcome and thanks for the kind words. I’m sorry to hear that you had so much pending before these apps stopped working. I had balances both but they were much smaller. You may be able to cash out with AppReviewerPro when it is up intermittently but I would not hold my breath about getting paid if I were you. I think the best thing to do is find alternatives like MyAppAware or AppRebates. These have a much longer track record and they are both paying still. Unfortunately it is impossible to predict when companies stop paying but the best thing to do is protect yourself by not carrying too much of a balance before cashing out and checking to see if other people are being paid.

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