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BestReviewApp Logo

BestReviewApp Logo

BestReviewApp is a website for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that pays you to download apps in the Apple App Store and provide an honest review of your experience with it. I have been using BestReviewApp for about 2 months and I have been paid 3 times for a total of $48.92 including the cost of any apps and bonuses that I have received.


BestReviewApp like every other review site that I recommend pays you a small amount of money to download and spend a little time with each app so that you can write an honest and knowledgeable review. You are not being paid to provide a positive review. If you have a positive experience with the app then your review should reflect that. If you have a negative experience then your review should reflect that. In my experience I have written many reviews that are positive, negative, and neutral. They have never attempted to influence the tone of my reviews in any way. These types of services are beneficial to everyone since future customers can decide if they want to purchase an app and the developers can find out how they can improve their app from honest feedback.

BestReviewApp Is Not Recommended

Update June, 2014 – BestReviewApp Has changed their policy and now requires a 4 or 5 star review. I will not recommend any service that pays only for positive reviews.

How BestReviewApp Works

How Much Can You Earn?

With BestReviewApp you are paid the total cost of the app plus a small bonus for each review that you do. The bonus is usually $1.00 for a paid app and $.50 for a free app but it could change in the future with fluctuations in the market. You must pay the cost of the app up front and finish the review within 24 hours in order to be paid.

Choosing Apps To Reviewbestreviewapp

When you sign in to BestReviewApp there is a list of categories to choose from on the left and all of the apps are in the center of the screen if you would prefer to scroll through them without picking a category. The description will indicate which devices the apps are compatible with and how much the app costs. You will also see the total amount that you will be paid once your app review is completed.  When you find an app that you want to review just click the “Get It Now” now button to reserve your app. Initially you can reserve up to 5 apps at a time. The limit increases if you consistently write quality reviews and finish them on time.

Reviewing Apps

After you reserve and download the app it is time to use and evaluate the app. It’s important to give a completely honest and thorough evaluation that reflects your own experience with the app. You are welcome to give any rating whether it is positive, negative, or neutral. You can say anything you like about the app as long as it is appropriate and does not violate the Apple TOS. They do recommend that reviews are between 20-40 words. If they believe you are writing fake reviews they can suspend your account.

Getting Credited For Reviews

Once you submit your review it usually takes Apple several hours to publish it. BestReviewApp uses an automated system to detect that your review has been published. They manually review each review before they credit you. In my experience the credit is usually issued less than an hour after the review goes live. If you fail to have your review published within 24 hours after reserving it the app is put back in in to the general queue for someone else to reserve. If you fail to finish your review on time 3 times your account will be frozen.

Signing Up To BestReviewApp

Who Is Eligible To Sign Up?

Anyone with an iTunes account from any country can sign up. Some apps are US only but there are apps that are available in other countries. There is only one account allowed per person and they are able to detect multiple accounts.

The Signup Process

The sign up process has been simplified since I first signed up. Now when you sign up you just need to fill out some basic info. It is very important to make sure they have your correct iTunes nickname so they can properly credit your reviews, if you fail to do this you will not get paid. Once your email is verified you can start to reserve apps.

Is There A Referral Program?

At this time there is no referral program but they are planning to institute a referral program in the future.

Here is the link to the website where you can sign up: BestReviewApp

 Cashing Out

BestReviewApp does not have any minimums to cash out and they pay you directly to PayPal. The only catch is that they don’t pay the PayPal fees, where most other app review sites do, which are 30 cents per transaction plus 2.9%. They recommend that you have at least $5.oo in your account before cashing out so you can cover the fees. When I cashed out $16.96 the total amount I received was exactly $16.00.  Of course, the more you cash out at a time the less it will cost you. At the time of this review I have received the money within 24 hours every time I have cashed out.

Customer Service

Customer service is a very important aspect of working with any company. I have found the customer service to be very helpful and prompt almost every time I have contacted them. There was one time that they did not answer right away but they apologized for missing my email when I resent it a week later. This is relatively common and it can happen to anybody.

Helpful BestReviewApp Tips

  • Make sure that you have your correct iTunes nickname when you sign up or you will not be paid.
  • If there are any problems with your review not posting make sure to let BestReviewApp know, there was a situation where they extended the amount of time users had for reviews to post to 72 hours because of a problem with Apple.
  • If you have constantly have quality reviews and finish them on time you may eventually be able to reserve more apps at a time.


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  1. I tried this one. Still have not received payment and it has been about a week. Just e-mailed their customer support however, I will let you know if I hear back or not.

  2. Totally a scam, don’t use it

  3. They have changed. Now it does matter what kind of rating you give. In the instructions they tell you it must be a 4-5 star rating. I even got a “bad record” for giving a crummy game a 3 star rating. so be aware you can say what you want but you have to give 4-5 stars or you won’t get paid.

  4. Dont lie this site really works i’ve earnt about $50

    • It’s not a lie that I don’t think the new business model is legit. I have never said there was a problem with payment. I have been paid by them in the past when they did not control reviews but I would never write reviews for a company that forces positive reviews. In my opinion that is unethical.

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