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What is Brandclub?

Brandclub is a very lucrative rebate app for Android or iPhone that pays you cash rebates. You will get rebates on everyday purchases from Amazon, Target, Chewy, or Walmart. The app can be a little bit tricky to use but it is worth it. Once you sign up, you’ll need to link your store account for each store you shop at. Whenever you make a purchase at a participating store, you need to sync the app to update the purchase.

Brandclub is free to use, and there are no fees associated with cash back earned. You can withdraw your earnings through PayPal Or Venmo at any time once you reach the $10.00 minimum. If you want to give Brandclub a try, you can sign up here. We will both get $10.00.

How Does Brandclub Work?

Brandclub is a rebate app that allows you to earn money back on your everyday purchases. You can shop through the app at Amazon, Walmart, Chewy, and Target and you will get a $2.00 bonus each for joining. You must find the brand you are shopping for within Brandclub. Join the club for the brand then you can purchase items directly in your store account once you have joined their club, some brands will even offer bonuses just for joining. Rebates are relatively small but if you combine them with bonuses and surveys it adds up. It is important to understand that any bonuses earned have to be unlocked with a purchase or they will expire within a few months.

You will also make affiliate commision by promoting product links through Brandclub. The exact amount varies from product to product but it is clearly displayed in the affiliate commission area on the app.

How Does Brandclub Compare to Other Rebate Apps?

Rebate apps are a great way to earn some extra cash, and Brandclub is a popular option. But how does it compare to other rebate apps like Ibotta and Fetch?

Brandclub offers good cash back rates and bonuses on a wide range of brands, making it one of the more generous rebate apps. It’s also complimentary to use – there are no fees or charges for using the app or redeeming rebates.

Ibotta is another generous and excellent rebate app for iPhone and Android that is geared more toward grocery store purchases. The only downside is the receipts must be scanned in for most purchases and that can be a slight hassel.

Fetch Rewards is a bit different from other rebate apps – instead of offering cash back on specific purchases, it gives you points for every receipt you upload or retrieve from connected stores. These points can be redeemed for gift cards from major retailers. Fetch Rewards doesn’t have any membership fees, but the redemption values for gift cards are generally lower than with other rebate apps.

All of these apps are complimentary to each other so you will maximize your earnings by using all of them together.

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What Are Brandclub Surveys?

Brandclub Surveys are a great way to Make Money From Rebates. You can earn between $1.75 and $3.00 for every survey you complete. I have seen surveys as high as $5.00 from some brands like Arm and Hammer. When you make a purchase you must sync the app right away. You will unlock the surveys and your rebate if you are a member of that Brand’s club. If you make the purchase in the store or forget to sync your rebate will be locked until your next purchase.

It is important that you only do one survey per order because they will expire within a few months if you do them ahead of time. you must have at least a $5.00 purchase to use a survey reward.

How Much Can I Make With Brandclub?

Brandclub is a great way to make some extra money by taking surveys and completing offers. How much you can make depends on how much time you’re willing to spend and how much you buy, how much you make in affiliate commision, or how many referrals you get. There is really no limit to how much you can earn, so the sky’s the limit!

Is There A Referral Program?

Yes, Brandclub has a referral program. For each friend that you refer to Brandclub, you’ll earn $10.00. Plus, your friend will also get $10.00 when they sign up.

Helpful Brandclub Tips

Be sure to sync the app right after you make a purchase and before you get the delivery to unlock your rebate and surveys.

Always check the current best deals. They update daily and there are lots of good rebates there.

Do not let your bonuses and surveys expire, Only do one survey at a time. If you do two surveys and purchase two of the same item that ship at the same time it will only count as one.

Be aware that you must purchase through your account to get credit. I made a purchase at Target in store but it did not get recorded in my account so I did not get credit.

All bonuses and surveys expire within a few months.

Your current balance is a mix of locked and unlocked rewards. Locked rewards must be unlocked before you can cash them out.

I have found that Brandclub changes the way I shop on Amazon. I always check for brands I get rebates for first or switch to Brandclub brands.


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