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Turn Used Books Into Cash

Cash4Books is an easy way to sell used books online. There is also an app available for Android iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. You can either sell your own books or browse used bookstores, flea markets, and garage sales, to find used books to sell. If you find a book for sale that is less to buy than they are currently paying for it you will make a profit by selling it to them. I have not actually used this app to sell books yet, although I have scanned some of my own books and they seem to have a very extensive database. This is an excellent resource for college students who want another option for selling used textbooks.

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How Cash4Books Works

When you find books you want to sell, all you have to do is either enter the ISBN code on the website or scan the bar code with your Android or iPhone. Your books must meet the quality guidelines and have been published within the last 5 years. If your books are ones that they are currently buying you will be given an offer to sell them, they will cover all shipping costs. They must receive the books within 30 days of the offer for it to be valid.

Shipping Books To them

Cash4Books is located in Beaverton, Oregon, you have the option to drop them off if you live nearby. Otherwise, you can print the shipping labels on your computer or request that they send them to you. It takes about 8-15 days for your books to arrive by post office or less than a week by FedEx. If you are selling them more that $35 worth of books you can upgrade shipping to FedEx which includes free tracking, free insurance, and faster turn around time.

What You Can Earn

The amount they pay varies depending on the book but There is no limit to how much you can earn with Cash4Books. They pay you within 3 days of receiving and processing your books  either by PayPal or by Check.

Is There A Referral Program?

At this time there is a referral program that pays $7 for each referral once they have successfully sold a book. You can get a referral link by signing up for it at the website. This is my Referral Link at, I appreciate anyone using it. Here is a Non Referral Link if you prefer to use it.

Here is the link to download the Cash4Books app for free in the itunes App Store.

Cash4Books – Sell Textbooks, Scan Barcodes –

Here is the link to download the free Cash4Books app for Android in the Google Play Store.



Helpful Tips

  • Make sure to check the quality guidelines, the first shipment they will return the books that they reject without charging you postage but you have to pay it on future shipments.
  • Check back often, the market conditions change daily for used books, sometimes they pay more and sometimes less for the same book. Sometimes they are not buying certain titles at all.
  • You can price check books with mobile devices other than Androids and iPhones using mobile web.
  • They will price match with legitimate online competitors that carry a grade of A or B with the Better Business Bureau.
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