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CashCrate Main Screen

CashCrate is a GPT website that has been around since 2008 with an app that pays you to do various activities on your Android. You can also use iPhone through Safari. I have been using CashCrate off and on since about 2010 and I can say that it is definitely one of the best GPT websites/apps that you will find. My total current earnings from CashCrate are $41.34 with $8.39 pending.

CashCrate Is Recommended

Update March 30th, 2016 – I have be paid a total of 5 times by Cashcrate. My total earnings to date are $107.86.


Update March 2016 – The Earn Prizes tab is not longer as lucrative as it use to be. The bonus offers, bonus surveys and the video tabs are now the easiest ways to earn that I have found. The paragraph below is outdated, and sadly, the click offers are now gone.

I Strongly recommend checking out the Earn Prizes tab. Under that you will find the Get Points tab, push it then go to Bonus Points on the page. Under bonus points there will be a tab that says Click Offers. There are almost always new click offers every day. Each one is worth about 3-5 cents depending on how you use them. I have been very successful at getting $5.00 payouts from the Crates game which costs 5 points each. This has greatly boosted my earnings lately.

How CashCrate Works

How Much Can You Earn?

CashCrate is a standard GPT site so they pay you to do things like surveys, sign up for offers, and watch videos. Since there is such a wide variety of activities and offers that you can earn with that range from $.02 to watch a video to $36.00 and up to apply for a credit card in this app there is no limit to the amount you can earn if you put some effort into it. I have not focused on this site as much as I should, since I just recently discovered there was app, but I have found the earnings to be higher than most other GPT sites that I compared it to.

What Kind Of Offers Are Available?

When you log on to CashCrate you will see tabs across the screen that has the different opportunities available. Currently you can choose from: offers (which cover all of the main GPT stuff), surveys, top surveys, referrals, videos, bonus surveys, bonus offers, cash tasks, and shopping. You are paid $.03 just for logging in each day and if you manage to log in everyday for a month there is a bonus $.50 which I have gotten in the past but it is difficult to be that consistent. There is a pretty decent toolbar that pays you for searching but I recommend installing it on a separate browser than your primary if you use it since toolbars can be annoying on your main browser. It takes a while to figure out exactly what works best for you but I have had pretty good luck with offers, surveys, and videos on this site.

Paid Search

I really like paid searches. Unfortunately, this one is only available each day if you have made at least $1.00 from offers. You can use it 5 times for free when you are a new user but this restriction will likely keep me from using it as often as I like.

Coupon Codes

There is a newer feature that I just discovered called coupon codes. Coupon codes are found on the CashCrate Facebook and Twitter pages. When they release coupon codes you get them and enter them into the coupon code box located under the Community tab at the top for bonus cash.

Daily And Weekly Game Tournaments

The CashCrate game tournaments are awesome. My favorites are: Toader which is virtually identical to Frogger that I played on Atari as a kid, Snake Fish which is the classic snake game, and Wrecked Angles which I know is a knockoff of some other game but this is the first place I ever played it. You have to earn points either by completing regular offers, bonus offers that are for points only, or winning games. There are no cash prizes for games but you can win cool gift cards like iTunes, Amazon, and Starbucks or physical prizes such as a Playstation 3 or iPod touch if you are skilled enough to beat other players either in daily or weekly tournaments. Warning these games are highly addictive if you are competitive and have a tenancy to suck you in and take lots of time away.


From time to time there are various events and contests which pay bonuses to the top earners during the contest. The details can usually be found in the news feed on the right side directly under the check in tab. I have not participated in any contests yet but they appear to be very lucrative for the winners.

Signing Up

The sign up process is pretty quick and easy. Anyone from any country can sign up but there are not always offers for every country, the referral program is available to everyone. They give you your first dollar at signup and provide plenty of good information about how to complete offers.

Is There a Referral Program?

CashCrate has a very generous (and very complicated) referral program. In addition to little perks and bonuses everyone gets there are 5 different levels in the program depending on how many referrals you have 2 levels deep, they are: Bronze which pays 20% of the first level earnings and 10% of second, Silver which requires 50 referrals to join that pays 25% on the first level and 10% on the second, Gold that requires 150 referrals and pays 25% first level and 15% second, Platinum which requires 300 and pays 30% on the first level and 15% on the second, and Platinum at 500 referrals that pays 30% for first level and 20% for second level. There are also lots of extra perks and bonuses available as you climb the levels.

My referral link is and as always I appreciate anyone using it.

The non-referral link is

It appears that the a CashCrate app has been removed from Google Play. You can still access the site with a mobile browser on iPhone and Android but there is unfortunately no longer an app for either one at this time. So I have removed the link.

Cashing Out

With Cashcrate you do not have to worry about cashing out. Once you reach the $20.00 minimum they automatically cut you a check by the 20th of the following month. You can get paid faster depending on what level of referrals you are on. In my experience the checks have come on time so far.

Customer Service

At this time I have not had any reason to contact customer service. There is a really great support forum available to help with everything including strategies and figuring out new opportunities. Everything works really smoothly and it seems like they would be available right away if they were needed.

Helpful CashCrate Tips

  • If you are able to log in everyday and check in that is an excellent way to make some easy passive income without the need to do any offers or surveys.
  • Make sure to use real information and only do offers that you want. If you use fake info it is against the TOS and you might not be paid or even possibly banned since fake info is fraudulent.
  • The videos generally pay better than most sites so I recommend watching them on this site if you like to get paid to watch videos.
  • Keep watching for new ways to earn since they seem to be constantly innovating and making this site more fun.


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