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Make Money By Charging Your Phone

ChargerPay by BlahBlah Systems is an app for Android that pays you in exchange for having ads run on your phone while it is charging. I ran ChargerPay for a couple of months on 2 different phones and I accumulated around $30.00-$40.00 in pending payouts that have not been paid on time even though it has been more than a month beyond the dates that I was originally supposed to be paid. The reason why it is a range is that the payments have changed dates and amounts since my original scheduled payments and I believe at least 2 scheduled payments are actually missing.

ChargerPay is Moved to the Graveyard

As of March 27th, 2016 I have been paid 4 times by ChargerPay for a total of 15.10.

After my first payment ChargerPay started making me pay the PayPal fees again.

It is clearly possible to get paid but I would not necessarily count on it. I don’t know what is actually going on with them but in my opinion ChargerPay shows signs of a company that is insolvent and they do not seem to have a business model that can actually pay the amounts that they claim they will pay. The payment dates change and the amounts change. At this point only one of my pending payments has gone through. It was more than a month late and it literally happened as I was writing this review. I had actually given up hope of ever seeing any payments so I guess I was kind of happy and surprised to finally see one. My pending payments were originally supposed to be $5.00 and they did not pay the PayPal fees so it would be a net of $4.70. Some of the payments were changed to $4.00 minus PayPal fees and scheduled for later dates. The dates continue to be changed to later dates in the future and some payments have actually just disappeared entirely. I have inquired with the company to find out why everything has been so inconstant. I have received an auto reply but I have not heard back yet, I will update with any news. At this

time I have not heard of anyone hearing from support after emailing them.

These 2 images of payments are from the same account prior to being paid the first time. I believe there are payments missing from both of them. At one point in February there were no scheduled payments showing. I’m not sure if the February payments were rescheduled as March or if they were cancelled. According to the sporadic email records there were supposed to be payments scheduled for February 17, February 23rd, and March 8th.

ChargerPay Pending Payments Jan31

Here is what my pending payments looked like with ChargerPay on Jan 31, 2016

Chargerpay Pending Payments Mar13

Here is what my pending payments with ChargerPay looked like on Mar 13, 2016

How Does ChargerPay Work?

All you have to do is sign up to ChargerPay on an Android phone and keep the app open while the phone is idle. It will run a variety of ads that can include either be videos or still ads. There is a pig in the lower left corner that will indicate whether your phone is plugged in and charging and will also have coins being deposited into it to indicate that you are earning points. I have found that sometimes it is incredibly stable and will stay on for a week without crashing and sometimes it crashes every few minutes depending on which ads are running at the time. Some ads will force popups that you will have to close in order to keep the points accumulating.

There are times when the app crashes and all of your points will set to 0 but the good news is that after running for a few minutes or so your points will be restored. I can’t tell if you lose any progress but at least the bulk of the points always seem to return. The first time it happened to me I was quite concerned to lose more than 10,000 points but they all came back eventually. The developers have referred to the function of the points being restored as Self-Healing. It claims to require Android 4.1 and up but my Galaxy S II that runs Android 4.1 was not compatible. The only phones that I own that I could get to work with it were ZTE Concord IIs running Android 4.3 so the Android version is more limited than they claim.

How Much Can You Earn?

ChargerPay claims to pay out every 100,000 points which at this time is equivalent to $4.00. When I first signed up the payments were $5.00 but they were retroactively changed to $4.00 after they were scheduled to be paid at $5.00. I was under the impression that they do not pay the PayPal fees but on my first payment it looked like they were paid for me. It takes around 7-10 days to reach the minimum payout for each account. It is my understanding that you can have multiple accounts as long as you have them tied to different email addresses. To my knowledge they have not set a limit on how many accounts you can have but I would avoid devoting very many phones to ChargerPay until they become much more reliable.

Is There A Referral Program?

At this time there does not appear to be a referral program for ChargerPay. I think that is probably a really good thing because I would not want to be responsible for having referred anyone in to such a frustrating experience. The download page still shows that the payments are supposed to be $5.00 but after you earn them they will show up as $4.00. They apparently are not updating Google Play.

When I first tried to sign up it took quite a few tries over several days before my account was actually set up and active. There are a lot of really frustrating inconsistencies and the process of signing up can be one of them. Sometimes it works just fine the first time but be prepared to have it not work like it should.

Here is the link to download ChargerPay in the Google Play store.

Cashing Out With ChargerPay

It takes around 7-10 days to get to the 100,000 points you need to schedule a $4.00 payment. You have the option to have the 100,000 points deducted automatically or you can set it so that they are deducted manually but you cannot redeem in any other increments so I think it is a bad idea to let any more than 100,000 points accumulate before you cash out. Generally it takes a day or so for the points to be deducted after you cash out then they will schedule them to be paid for about a month after the points have been deducted from your account. Sometimes you will receive an email about a pending payment and sometimes you won’t. There is a tab that shows the pending payments within the app. So far I have not received any payments when they were originally scheduled for. The payments can disappear and will sometimes reappear as pending on a different date. Sometimes my payments have reappeared at lower amounts than they were previously scheduled for.

Helpful ChargerPay Tips

  • Don’t count on being paid. If you try ChargerPay I would keep it to just 1 phone and not necessarily expect to be paid. From my experience they claim it takes a month to be paid but my first payment is more than a month later than it was initially scheduled.
  • Always set the cash outs to auto. If you do it manually it will just take that much longer to get your payment scheduled initially.
  • The app can be very unstable at times. Sometimes you have to restart it many times before you find an ad that won’t crash. Be prepared to spend awhile resetting it until you find an ad that doesn’t crash right away. Sometimes an ad will stay the same for a week if you find a stable one.
  • If the app crashes and your points disappear just restart it and wait until they come back. It usually takes several minutes for them to return.
  • If you need to contact support the email address is

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