The Hall Of Shame

This is a list of apps and sites that are either scams or seem to be run very poorly. Some of these apps might pay you but it isn’t likely based on my experience. Everyone who made this list deserves to be here. I will update this list as necessary and add or remove any apps or sites that have earned it.




  1. any other or new apps and sites?, Thanks 🙂

  2. Missy Claire says

    oh.. I have tried Helion Research, now I know why.. aww too bad its too late until I read this. 🙁

    • I don’t think the Helion app is actually functional. At least that is my conclusion from testing it. They didn’t even know they had an app and even though I redid my work in the app they expected me to redo it again without the app. I eventually decided that I had been through way too much and was unwilling to drive back to the store again since they can’t release an app that works and don’t disclose that it doesn’t work correctly.

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