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Get Paid $120 Per Hour To Watch Videos

Jingit App Home Screen

The Jingit App Home Screen

Jingit is a website for that pays you for watching commercials. They also have apps for Android, iPad, and iPhone, that pay you to watch commercials and check in and scan products at certain businesses. According to the company it is currently in Beta testing so the earnings will be lower than usual until the testing is complete. I have been using the Jingit app for about 4 weeks and I have made a total of 8.69 (Minus the $2.00 fee to order the Jingit debit card) that was paid to me on my Jingit branded Visa Debit Card. I really think it is funny how they tell you the amount of money you are making per hour while watching videos or scanning, I guess that way I can legitimately brag about how I make $120 per hour watching commercials 😉

Jingit Is Recommended

Update April 3rd, 2013- I have been paid 13 times by Jingit for a lifetime total of 46.92 (including the 2.00 debit card fee).


How Jingit Works

Watching Videos

Update March 2013 – Jingit no longer requires Facebook to sign up.

In order to use Jingit you must sign up and log in with Facebook from a computer, not a mobile device. You also need to live in the U.S and be at least 13 years old, minors will have to have parental consent by email. After you sign up you are able to earn using your Android, iPhone, or computer. All you have to do is watch short commercials and click the button when they are over to earn cash and sometimes there are polls to answer. When you log in just click the earn tab and if there are videos available you will be able to watch them and get paid instantly.

Paid Check Ins

They have instituted a paid check in feature for your phone that allows you to get paid for scanning certain bar codes in certain stores. At this time the only scans I have seen are: Mio, Planters Peanut Butter, and refrigerated Jell-O products for the Kraft Hunger Campaign. I believe they also make a donation of  8 meals per scan in addition to paying you. The interesting thing is that the only place that will allow scans in my area is a specific Wal Mart. The app only allowed me to do 1 scan the first time I tried, then the next day it allowed me to do all 3 scans, then it took about 2 more days for the items to reappear and become available again.

What You Can Earn

I reached the Jingit earnings limit

I reached the Jingit earnings limit for the week

From what I have seen so far videos can earn you between .06 and up to .50 for short commercials. The check ins have all been between .50 and $2.00 each. Initially there was an earning limit of $5.00 without any referrals. There is currently an earning limit of $10.00 per week that can be increased to 15.00 per week by adding referrals. I have personally reached the earnings limit a couple of times. That was during the time that there was a big Kraft promotion combined with a Krazy Glue promotion, but it is rare to get that many check ins.

Is There A Referral Program?

At this time there is a referral program but you can only refer your Facebook friends. Instead of paying you for each referral they will increase your weekly earning limit by .25 for each friend who joins. The current maximum limit with referrals is $10.00 per week.

Update February, 2013- There is no longer a Facebook Requirement to sign up or refer friends.

Here is my referral link, I appreciate anyone using it Jingit Referral


Here is a non- referral link to the Jingit Website .



Here is the link to download Jingit for free from the iTunes App Store:

Jingit – Jingit, LLC

Here is the link to download the Jingit Android App for free from the Google Play Store.

Update July 1st, 2014-
Jingit no longer offers a Jingit Visa Debit Card. Anyone who has a debit card can use the balance until expiration. Rewards can now be used for purchasing egift cards from Jingit to companies including Walmart, Cabellas, A.

Cashing Out

When you click the Pay Me Now button the funds are immediately available to you, there are 2 options for spending your earnings from Jingit. They offer an option to purchase music directly from musicme with your cash balance. The other option is to sign up for a Jingit branded Visa Debit Card issued by US Bank. The only downsides to the Debit Card are the fees, there is a $3.00 (usually $10.00) fee to have a card issued and there are inactivity fees if you don’t use the card for 90 days. Jingit told me that they will not charge an inactivity fee until the Beta testing phase is over. There are plenty of other fees available, you will get a list, but most of them aren’t relevant with normal use.

When you order the debit card it comes very quickly, I got mine within a couple of weeks. You can manage the card from inside your Jingit account. You are able to transfer as little as .01 from your Jingit balance onto your Visa Card. There is a security threshold of 5 loads per day and 31 loads per month. You can also load cash onto the card at any Visa ReadyLink location.


Helpful Jingit Tips

  • Be sure to check both the Jingit app and the Jingit website often for new commercials and scans, they seem to appear when you least expect it.
  • You can earn more by using both the app and the website independently.
  • If you have trouble scanning check back later.
  • Be sure to order a Jingit Visa Debit Card as soon as you get the first $3.00
  • Make sure to watch the video until the end and click the Pay Me Now button, that is how they know you actually watched.









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  1. jingit has really slowed down. I downloaded the app back in june 2012 and I was able to earn $0.52 by watching all the videos on the website and the app. since then there has been ONE $0.06 video in the past two months.

    • Hi Mason,

      Jingit has been very slow lately. I put a note about that at the top of the post a while back. The company says that they expect to be a bit slow during the beta test stage. I hope they are able to get more opportunities soon. I am watching it closely.

  2. Is this still an active app? and if so, have you been using it still?

    • Hi Hoser,

      Yes it is still active and still recommended. There was a brief period of the app being really slow with opportunities but it now seems to have relatively consistent check-ins at Wal-Mart. This app has a slightly different method of paying so I count getting paid as each time I put my earned cash on my Jingit debit card. Thanks for reminding me to do that again since they charge inactivity fees if you take too long.

  3. I’ve tried over and over to with up for jingit but it never works, can you help me?

    • Hi Tina,

      I don’t quite understand the problem. Jingit campaigns come and go so there can be long periods without any opportunities. They usually have something at least every other month or so. Most of the campaigns seem to last about a month and they usually include both videos and scans. The company still appears to be in beta and it is still pretty sporadic but it is a good program. Once you get your debit card you can reload it yourself.

      Please let me know if this answered your question or not.

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