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Update August 25th 2022– Since many people have been messaging me and asking about how to run a blog like this one, I am going to start providing information about different apps and services to help you make money with affiliate marketing. Please use my links to sign up if  you can. I will try to provide free options wherever possible but some things like hosting are never free. Some of the reviews previously posted are of programs that no longer exist. I will be trying to archive them and create new posts for apps and programs that still work in 2022. Making money online and with apps has changed a bit since I first started this blog in 2010 but I will do my best to provide you with info to get supplemental income and long term income at the same time. I plan to change the format of my posts a bit and hopefully be able to create content for you faster.

Thank you for visiting I have been successfully using apps and various other websites to make money online since 2010. In general, I prefer to be paid from an app before I review it but that is not always possible, especially for certain regional apps.  I have put together and tested an extensive list of free apps that pay you to assist in helping you earn money online using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. This is by no means a complete list as there are new apps that pay you popping up all of the time.  I know that your time is important to you just as my time is important to me. I will continue to review as many apps as possible to help you make informed decisions to help you cut through all of the clutter and avoid apps that are not worth wasting your time with. All of these reviews are my honest opinion and facts regarding my usage, not all reviews are positive and not all apps that claim to pay you actually do. Some apps pay you but they take much more time than it is worth to use them. I will post whatever I find out about these apps and I appreciate any honest and constructive user feedback that anyone would like to contribute in the comments.

Offset The High Costs Of Owning A Smartphone

Apps are an excellent way to make some supplemental income. I don’t make a fortune from these apps but they definitely add a pretty substantial amount to my monthly income, which helps cover the cost of owning a smartphone and paying for internet service, for a relatively small amount of fun work. There are many different ways to make money from apps, the majority of the ones I cover in this blog pay you to do things like watch videos, mystery shopping, bar code scanning, surveys, polls, and downloading other apps.

I Hope You Find These App Reviews To Be Very Useful

I am committed to bringing you high quality reviews of various money making apps. If you find this information useful please leave a comment to let me know about it. I also appreciate anyone signing up through my links when possible to help me offset the costs of providing this content to you. I will do my best to support you if you have questions about any app that you have found here. Feel free to contact me through the app you are using or through the comments on if you need help. If you have a request for an app you would like me to review please send me a message through the contact form and I will try to get to it as soon as I can. Once again, although some apps that I have reviewed have options for investments such as Swagbucks, I do not review any apps that require a financial investment. If you follow my recommendations I am completely confident that you will make money and you will avoid the apps that don’t pay you and the apps that waste your time.

A Word About Referrals

This blog is supported entirely by ads and the programs being reviewed. All compensation from the apps being reviewed including referrals is disclosed in the posts (to the best of my math abilities:). I never accept direct payment to review an app from anyone (some developers have tried to pay for reviews). If I like or dislike a service; I assure you that I will always give you my honest opinion regardless of what I can make if you sign up with my link, my opinion is not for sale. I have turned down very lucrative offers to promote apps that I don’t believe in. Beware of anyone posting the next big thing that has a referral link, many people will say anything to get you to sign as their referral. Everything that I post is the truth as I see it regarding the potential that you can make. I do ask that everyone use my referral to offset the cost of running this blog but no one is ever obligated to do so. Whenever I post a referral link, I always try to post a non-referral link as well to give you the option to support my blog or not.  Please let me know in the comments or within the app if you need help. I test everything to try to make sure it is worthwhile before reviewing it and I will let you know if it is not. I tend to be very conservative when deciding to recommend or not recommend a service and I always try to make sure that I have done thorough testing so that you always know that a recommended app is going to be worth your time. Sometimes apps can become less lucrative over time and I apologize in advance if I have not spotted this before you. Make sure to check out the date of my most recent update and If I have not updated a post for a long time, be sure to ask before downloading it to get the newest information. I have personally been burned Many times from fly by night reviewers posting with the intention of just trying to get referrals and I don’t want that to happen to my readers.

A Word About Copyrights

All content on this blog is exclusively written by me. If you see it anywhere else it is a violation of my copyright so please let me know as soon as possible so I can take appropriate action. People copying my content has become a significant problem.

Thanks, Stan

Here Is My Recommendation About Where To Start

Many people have asked me where to start. If you are new to this blog I assume that you have not tried any apps that pay you before. Even if you have tried some apps that pay you the best place to start is with these specific programs. Most of them are on The Elite List but not all of them. Making sure that you try these programs first will help maximize your income. This is where you will get the most bang for your buck/time. If you have not started using any of these apps yet now is the time. All of these apps have proven themselves to be worth using and I recommend trying them first.

Swagbucks (iPhone and Android)

Field Agent (iPhone and Android)

Shopkick (iPhone and Android)

Ibotta (iPhone and Android) My Ibotta code referral code is uwdjdhx we will both get a bonus.



  1. video production services says

    That is right as smart phone, tablet and Computer are the medium by which we can earn money online. All these are the example of technology that you have defined very clearly.

  2. I think that smartphone is the best way for making money online. It keeps you update at every time.

  3. says

    WeReward is a great app. Search for busineeses nearby and take a pic of yourself standing in front or in a business with their signage and earn at least 10 cents. If it’s a featured location then it’s usually at least 25 cents. You can earn also from taking pictures of yourself using products. Once you have $10 or more you can cash out via PayPal. I easily earn a minimum of 40 cents a day. Doesn’t seem like much but it adds up. That’s a minimum of $146 annually I’m earning for doing very little. If I’m at the post office standing in line…SNAP..10 cents…eating a burger at Wendy’s..snap 25 cents..wearing an Under Armour shirt..SNAP..25 cents…getting a prescription filled at WalGreens…SNAP 25 cents…and the list never ends.

  4. Hi,

    I have not had such good luck with WeReward since the tasks have been gone. I personally don’t like taking a picture of myself endorsing businesses, products, or services unless I really believe in them. So that is why I moved WeReward to the Not Recommended List. I’m happy to hear that you have been so successful with it though.

  5. The companies that I have recommended do not pay anyone with the intention of getting only positive reviews. They ask you to try the app and give honest feedback whether it is positive or negative. You should always pay attention to any reviews, if they are informative and well thought out they are usually more credible, if not you can tell.

    This is a great way for developers to get people to try out and use their apps and I believe that it is a really great use of marketing dollars. Many places, like Amazon for example, don’t even require anyone to purchase a product before reviewing it. I have seen very questionable reviews at Amazon, iTunes, and many other places. I think this particular marketing strategy will produce more quality reviews overall than you would see otherwise.

  6. Jazmine Lyons says

    Thanks for the listings! I enjoyed it. Very helpful.
    I also recommend fiverr and ipoints.

  7. ClaireApps says

    I really don’t have an idea on how to start making money using my smart phone, can anyone help me to start? Thanks.

  8. Hi Stan,

    I really like reading your blog, and look forward to future additions and updates.

    I notice that you have not included Mpoints/Mrewards. I earn about $10.00 per week from them. For me they are an essential part of my online earning arsenal. They are available through both IOS apps and android devices.

    I hope the dust settles, and we can continue to learn new earning opportunities from you!

    • Hi Gadi,

      Thanks for the kind words. I have a review of mPoints ready but they have not answered any of my questions about the service that I need clarification about. I’m planning to publish on Monday even if I don’t hear back. It has been almost 2 weeks since I sent them an email with questions. The next several reviews I am planning should go much quicker.

  9. These reviews are really helpful! Thank you!

  10. Hi,

    I have been using mpoints for over a year and reward myself something nice from Amazon each month. The trick is to remember that not all apps give you the same amount of mPoints. So, you wanna make sure you spend your time on apps that actually give you the best bang for the buck. I seem to be getting the most from an app called “Guess The Phrase” on android. If you are just getting started, just search for mPoints on Google Play (for android. I don’t have an iPhone, but I presume they would have something similar) and you get a nice list of apps from which you can earn points n money !

  11. What is the best app that you all recommend to make money???

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