Mars Summer Movie Moments

Mars is giving away $3,000,000

Update July 6th, 2014 – Unfortunately someone figured out how to exploit this contest and posted the exploit online allowing many people to steal $6.00 gift cards. It is now much harder to win and it is my understanding that neither PayPal nor Amazon will accept gift cards from this promotion anymore. It is unfortunate that there are so many scammers who will take advantage of anything good without any regard for anyone else. Good luck, I hope everyone who does this legitimately wins. Sadly, this contest is no longer what it was intended to be.

Update July, 20th – They have not been giving the option of the Mastercard gift cards for about a week or so. I emailed support and asked them what the alternative is if you do not have cable tv and apparently there is no alternative. Since I am not interested in ordering cable tv from the Comcast monopoly in my area I will post my winning codes here.

These are free for the first person to take, all I ask is that you please leave a comment if you get a code so I know it is gone and I can post a new one, thanks.

Here is the first code : 9VM7VRWR7KK6P9 USED

Second code : 9VM6P3YWFQYTKK USED


New code : 9VMKGNFQ9R9PJF

There are 500,000 total prizes of $6.00 each

This is not an app but it is an amazing opportunity to make a few dollars with your active phone. All you have to do is text the word MOVIE from a us cell phone to 78787. It cannot be a Google Voice or other VOIP number, it has to be an actual activated cell phone. You will receive a text back asking for your birth date in mmddyyyy format. You will receive a text back asking for your email. When you reply back it will send you one more text telling you if you won or not. To win you have to be the first one to send a text after they release a new $6.00 prize. If you won it will give you instructions on how to claim your $6.00 prize.

You can play one time per day until August 10th whether you win or lose. The day starts at Midnight Eastern which is 9PM Pacific. I have one 3 out of 6 days so far.

If you are a winner there are two options for redeeming your prize. It can either be a credit for your cable bill or you can get a prepaid Mastercard to use at any streaming movie site (or anywhere that takes Mastercard). In order to get the Mastercard be sure to choose the option on the right that is the Streaming Option.

You can enter this Mastercard as a new card on Amazon and purchase an Amazon Gift card or send yourself a request for money through PayPal using an email that is not attached to your account and pay a 40+ cent fee to get the cash. Or you can use the Mastercard anywhere that takes Mastercard.

The complete rules can be found here:




  1. Uhhhhhh okay this is a dumb question I guess but I can’t figure out how to buy myself Amazon gift card credit with these Mastercard GCs. It won’t let me submit it because I don’t have a name for the mastercard. Do I put “Gift Card” as the name? “Valued Customer”? Or is there another way to do this?

    • Hi Wendy,

      You need to add it to your account like an additional card with your own name and the address that they specify on your winning pdf. If it is not accepted I recommend letting them know at the phone number on the pdf. At present I have 3 cards that were declined by PayPal since the exploit was posted (see my update at the top of the page for details). Good luck and let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

  2. They are only allowing you to redeem for credit towards your cable bill now.

  3. Code is used

  4. Thanks, 🙂

  5. I used your code, thanks so much!!!!!

  6. I used your code. Thanks so much!!

  7. I saw the new code, someone used already and did not post as used, thanks for the chance though!

  8. Someone used the last code already. It didn’t work so someone didn’t say they used it.

  9. I wouldn’t consider an exploit. You win a measly $6 from giant international corporation Mars. Why should they, or paypal or amazon or anybody care what you do with $6? They stated they’re giving away $3 million. What difference if you put it on paypal, amazon, netflix or your cable bill? I won like five times and bought a couple of dvd’s on amazon. So, technically I did the M&M Mars movie night correctly right?

    • Yes, I used it for movies from Paypal and Amazon as well. The problem is the people who were using bots to steal codes. They figured out that the program wasn’t secure and stole a lot of $6.00 cards so they had to do something about it. Unfortunately they decided to make the promotion unavailable to a large amount of their customers because of the breach.

  10. The last code I tried using, it’s already used tho

  11. I emailed them and I finally heard back today:When redeeming your card please be sure to enter the card number, expiration date, security code and zip code as listed. Please note that your card can not be used at Amazon or PayPal. A s much as I have figured no websites related to Paypal are taking the cards, I have 6 of them here 🙁 I just want to know where to use them.

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