The Not Recommended List

The Not Recommended list

This is a list of apps and sites that are not recommended. The reasons are usually that there has been no earnings for an extended period of time, very poor customer service, or inconsistent payments. This is not a scam list, some of these programs may pay you but they seem like more of a waste of time that should probably be avoided.


BestReviewApp Added June, 2014 They no longer pay for neutral reviews, you must give a 4 or 5 star review. I do not recommend any service that tries to influence reviews.



AppCasher – I decided not to test the service due to significant concerns I had.



Not Reviewed


Thumbspeak/MOBROG  Added July 21, 2012 -These are survey apps that I have been using  for about 8 months now and I have not even earned 1/3 of the 10.00 minimum to cash out. These are 2 apps but they are identical and use the same account.




















  1. i do not recommend Gapnsnap will not uninstall, support email is returned undeliverable, cannot register location at all

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