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Apps That I Have Not Tested

This is a list of apps that I have not tested for various reasons such as the app is not available in my geographic location or the earning potential seems too limited. I have not been used these apps so none of them are recommended or not recommended at this time. I will provide a brief description of each app and what rewards it offers. This list will be updated frequently.


EasyShift is a crowd sourcing app by Quora that is currently only available for iPhone. This app is similar to Gigwalk and Field Agent in that it rewards you with PayPal cash to do small easy tasks like taking a photo in a local grocery store. At this time EasyShift only has shifts in larger markets.

Here is the link to download EasyShift for free in the Apple App Store



Zoozz is an Australian crowd sourcing app for iPhone. This rewards you with PayPal cash to do various tasks similar to Gigwalk and Field Agent. Some tasks can be more like traditional mystery shopping. Even though this is an Australian based company, I have seen tasks available in the US.

Here is the link to download Zoozz for free in the Apple App Store.


Foap is a Swedish stock photo app for iPhone. If you take a photo that could be a good stock photo you can submit it to Foap. They will sell it as many times as they can for $10.00 to people like bloggers and website owners. If your picture is sold Foap pays you $5.00 and they keep $5.00. Although Foap is currently only available on iPhone there is a place on the website to let them know you would like an Android version.

Here is the link to download Foap for free in the Apple App Store.



  1. could you test this site

    • I signed up the day you posted this comment. It has been almost 2 weeks and there has been no reply (they state that they will contact you within 24 hours). I see many reasons why this site does not look real. The most important one is that the earnings seem too good to be true. I recommend checking out some of the programs that I have recommended instead and I will definitely post an update if I find out any more about this site.

  2. Missy Claire says

    Hi,any updates regarding this sites? 🙂

  3. I’ve been using Easy Shift for about a week now. There aren’t a whole lot of shifts out there but the community feature is an absolute GOLDMINE. Community members discuss not only jobs from this App but many others. Knowledge is power and this is worth a look even if you never complete an actual job from them.

  4. Can you test mobee please

  5. no shifts here in midwest so its just taking up space on my device and will not uninstall at all.

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