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Get Paid To Answer Short Polls

NPolls is a paid poll app for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone 7 devices. It gathers information about public opinions, for their parent company Appgeneration, to publish in the Magic Numbers Magazine app. The polls are mini surveys that are around 5-15 questions each, on a variety of topics, and usually pay .20 each but can pay up to $2.00 for polls about apps. I have been using NPolls for a couple of months so far and  answered 91 polls, and been paid $10.00 in Paypal cash. Here are a few statistics the company sent me:

– 750 Polls made (in about a year)
– Paid polls answers start at 0.2$ and can go up to 2$ and more (for polls about apps);
– 1 000 000 answers until now;
– More than 100 000$ paid to our users;
– Some users have already received 50$;
– Thousands of users worldwide with NPolls;

NPolls Has Been Moved To The Graveyard

Update June 19th, 2012, – I Have been paid 2 times by Npolls for a lifetime total of $20 in PayPal cash.

How NPolls Works

When you open the app on your Apple, Android, or Windows device you see the latest news. To take a poll you just click on the poll icon on the bottom and you will get a list of available polls. Most polls are paid but some are not, the ones that are not paid are user generated. If the poll is paid it will have a dollar sign icon next to it. It will also show how many people have taken the poll and what percentage can take it before the poll closes. Most polls just require you to answer a few questions but there are a few that ask you to download an app. I have seen only 1 poll that required a paid download. In general there is a new paid poll every few days. After you answer a poll and it has closed you are allowed to look at the results under the results tab. You can also pay to create your own polls which cost between $9.00 for 100 answers, all the way up to $800 for 5000 answers.


Is There A Referral Program?

At this time there is no referral program, I have contacted the company and they told me that they will be adding a referral program with the next update, I will post the details as soon as they become available.


Dead Link Removed

Dead Link Removed

Dead Link Removed

Cashing out

When you answer enough paid polls to make it to the 10.00 minimum they will pay you automatically through Paypal. It is very important that you make sure to register your Paypal email address on the Website not just in the app or your first payment will be delayed. I actually had to contact support because I had not been paid, but once I confirmed my Paypal account on the site, I received the payment quickly. They process all payments in batches and it can take up to 7 days to receive your payment.


             Helpful NPolls Tips

      • Check for polls often, there is a limited amount of paid polls and they are all first come first served.
      • Be sure to log on to the website to give them your PayPal payment address before you reach the minimum to cash out.





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  1. Hi!

    What do you think about the concept?

    Why do people need money to be paid for taking polls?

    • Hi Rushabh,

      I like the concept, the data is being sold so why not pay people for it. I enjoy taking the polls and being rewarded for it but I wouldn’t spend the time if I was not being paid.

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