RealBucksTV/RealBucksGo App Review|Paid 3 Times

Get Paid To Watch Videos And Download Apps

RealbucksTV and RealbucksGo are apps from Publishers Clearing house that pay you to do things like watch videos and download apps with your iPhone or Android devices. Although these are two separate apps they are connected with the same account and are very similar so I decided to consolidate them for this review. I have been using RealbucksTV and RealBucksGo for about a week and I have cashed out three times so far for $15.00 total in Amazon gift cards.

RealBucksTV And RealBucksGO Are Recommended

So far RealBucksTV and RealBucksGo are very solid and I believe these apps will be in the elite section soon. As long as they keep paying out good amounts and don’t cut rates or change the terms too drastically these apps could be some of the best paying apps available right now. The terms do say the rates could change at any time and in my experience opportunities like this tend to go away once there are a large amount of users. Publishers Clearing House is a solid company that has been around for a very long time so I am very hopeful about the future of these apps.

How Do RealBucksTV and RealBucks Work?

Signing up

RealbucksGo And RealBucksTV both work on Android but only RealBucksTV is available on iPhone at this time. You have the option of signing up with Facebook or Publishers Clearing House by email. I did not have to go through the signup process because I had an old Publishers Clearing House account from using several of their apps and their website in the past. I have found that the sweepstakes apps really are not worth the time on their own because even though they are free the odds on the bigger prizes are about the same as Powerball, or at times much worse, but the winnings are smaller.

When I downloaded the apps I was given 150 points for free from each app but I had a friend join and he received 75 points per app for downloading the apps and another 75 points for filling out profile information. I also had trouble with points not accumulating so I am not sure if that was because I had an old account or if there was a system problem but support resolved it within about 3 days.

You can expect to get lots of emails from Publishers Clearing House if you sign up for any of their services. It is best to use an email account that you are comfortable receiving lots of marketing messages with. In my experience they will eventually stop sending them if you do not respond to them.

How Much Can I Earn?

The RealbucksTV app seems to pay around 1.00 to 1.50 per day with continuous use at this time but it does require you to pay attention to it and reset it or clear ads from time to time. For every 5000 points you get a $5.00 gift card so 5 points is equal to about a penny. You can earn 1000 to 1500 points just from videos but if you also download some apps from RealbucksGO with your Android device it is possible to make much more in a day.

What Are The Rewards?

There are several gift card options in denominations starting at $5.00 and up to $100.00 in $5.00 increments. At this time available gift cards include; Amazon, Walmart, Applebees, Dominos, Regal, GameStop, IHOP, Sephora, Target, Overstock, Panera, and JCPenny. There are also some charity options including KarmaKarma and CharityChoice. There is a small amount of variance in variety at different denominations but not very much. I generally prefer Amazon gift cards and they come in all of the available denominations with no discounts for higher denominations so I usually cash out at $5.00.

How Does It Work?


With RealBucksTV all you have to do is open it and choose a video that looks interesting. There are lots of interesting videos on the home screen and there are also tabs for movies and TV. After the video you choose is done the app will continue to auto play videos with single commercial breaks in between. Everything is in clips from about 30 seconds to about 4 minutes and I have found quite a bit of interesting content including current news. They award 5 points per 2 minutes you watch. There are several interruptions throughout the day because they don’t want it to be completely passive.

Around midnight EST or 9PM PST a wheel will pop up while you are watching that will award you between 25 points and $100.00 when you spin it. There will also be a few popups that will say you have received sweepstakes entries which are for the $5000 A Week for Life sweepstakes that PCH is currently running. Keep in mind that the odds of winning the $5000 A Week for Life sweepstakes is around 1 in 2,600,000,000. That is one in 2.6 Billion with a B. It is my understanding that the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot is a little better than 1 in 300,000,000 or one in three hundred million. That means you are almost 10 times more likely to win the Powerball jackpot but it is a nice free bonus.

I have found that the app seems to run the most consistently between the late afternoon and into the night. It seems to crash the most in the mornings. I suspect that might have something to do with them trying to prevent anyone from setting the phone in the morning and letting it run while they are at work or school but I don’t know for sure.


RealBucksGo also has videos to watch but you have to click them and clear out the ad each time so it requires much more effort than RealBucksTV. There are also several quiz questions that reset at Midnight PST which pay 2 points each and usually have an ad in between each one. After you finish all of them you get a sweepstakes entry. There is a Fyber offer wall that I have not found to be useful at all. Generally the offers on it are not ones I am comfortable doing.

The place that RealBucksGo excels at is app downloads. I have received several that have been between 500 and 1000 or more points just to download and start apps. In my experience the ones that PCH offers themselves seem to always credit but if they come from Fyber I have yet to have a single one credit. I have been told by a friend who downloaded the app that there were no offers over 20 cents available to him. I am not sure if I got these offers because of the phone I used or because of the age of my account or if there is another reason entirely but it seems to be somewhat inconsistent. If anyone wants to comment about what their experience is as far as how much the top app downloads pay for them it would be very helpful.

Is There A Referral Program?

RealBucksTV and RealBucksGO both have separate referral programs even though they are tied together. The program only pays 150 points or 15 cents to the referrer and the referral should get 150 points as well per app. Sometimes you might only see 75 points until your profile is complete. I’m not sure why both apps have different referral codes. The amount they pay is pretty negligible compared to what you make which I think is an excellent sign. It says to me that they want more users but want to reward the people who are actually using the app more than the referrers.

According to Publishers Clearing House there is a bonus for using a referral code after 5 videos but they do not specify what the bonus is.

Here is the link to the RealBucksTV app for iPhone. Here is the RealBucksTV App for Android.

Here is my RealBucksTV referral code vgogf, I appreciate anyone using it.

Here is the link to the RealBucksGO App for Android

Here is my RealBucksGO referral code rmmbf, I appreciate anyone using it.

Cashing Out

The cash out process is very easy. All you have to do is get to 5000 points or what ever your desired denomination is. You just go to the rewards tab and choose your gift card. In my experience the gift cards have been available immediately but I have heard of people having to wait for as long as 3 days, in general, this is one of the fastest paying apps. The gift card will be in the wallet tab but there is no date on the cards in the wallet to tell them apart. The newest cards are usually added to the top.

Publishers Clearing House Support

When I first started using RealbucksTV I was not being awarded points. I tried several different phones including both iPhone and Android with no luck. After a couple of days I decided to email support. The process of trying to email support on my Moto G was very difficult. You have to wade through all of their help articles and fill out a form that asks way too many questions that you do not have the answers to. In addition to all of that every time you touch a link to check for the answer or if you do it accidentally you have to start all over. I tried about 4 times then switched to my iPhone. It is easier on iPhone and there are less questions. After I submitted the form on iPhone it took 2 days to hear back from support. They just asked me 2 questions that I had already answered in the form and told me they were escalating my ticket. On the 3rd day I got an email that my issue was resolved and the ticket was closed. They credited me 2oo points for the videos I had watched even though I told them I was not concerned about past videos only future ones. In my experience support is helpful but pretty difficult so it is best if you don’t need to use them.

Helpful RealBucksGo And RealBucksTV Tips

  • If videos are not crediting it is best to contact support right away since it takes them a long time to respond.
  • Make sure you have your referral ID handy before you fill out the support form because you will need to use it on the form and when you talk to support.
  • Use an email to sign up to Publishers Clearing House with that you don’t mind getting marketing emails on.
  • I find that it is best to use phones that are not your primary phone for watching videos. You can find good phones for $20.00 or less in lots of places including EBay.
  • A cache cleaner is recommended for better performance. I like to use Clean Master on Android and Battery Doctor on iPhone.
  • You have to manually clear the cache in settings on Android from time to time as well especially if the app is crashing or giving an error message frequently.
  • Always use the gift cards right away, there is no system for keeping track of the used and unused gift cards. They accumulate pretty quickly right now.







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