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Here Is The Big List Of Apps And Sites That Are Currently Recommended

The apps and sites on this list have all been tested, have been paying consistently, and have not had any major problems. Apps and sites are on this list because they pay the amount they advertise within the period of time stated. I will only recommend programs that I believe are worth using. I will move sites off this to the Not Recommended list, at anytime, if I feel they are no longer a worthwhile opportunity.

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  1. ClaireApps says

    Are these sites proven and tested?, I mean have you tried it yourself? Thanks 🙂

  2. Missy Claire says

    I wonder why no one have responded on here yet. 🙁

    • If you read the reviews you will see that I don’t recommend any app until I test it myself. I continue to use each app that I recommend and sometimes I will withdraw my recommendations.

  3. I can understand the stepdown of Viggle. I started with Viggle and now it is so much harder to get points from but overall it is still easier to get points albeit longer to get a gift card than a year ago than most of these apps. Although app trailers is 1000 pts for a $1 gc….they do it instantly when you hit redeem. As I stated on the Elite List…to me checkpoints is so unreliable and you wait forever to get your code for you $1 gc from them. Half the time Checkpoints doesn’t work.

    • These apps are both really good apps. The main difference is in how they run their businesses. Checkpoints in my experience has always been much more reliable and consistent than AppRedeem. I certainly think that AppRedeem is great and everyone should try it but the support is lacking where Checkpoints support is generally very prompt.

      I purchased an app through AppRedeem and did not get credit and support never responded to several emails. Not getting credit happens somewhat frequently with the pay to download app model and it doesn’t matter that much if it happens once in a while except if you have to pay for the app. Out of multiple times that I contacted AppRedeem support the only time I ever heard back from them was when they had overpaid me. They did tell me to keep the money which I thought was very nice of them. Most of the time you get paid instantly from AppRedeem but I have had it take up to 2 days before and they have been down completely a couple of times.

      There was a big controversy over people being banned from AppRedeem and losing all of their credit. I believe the majority of them were cheating the system but as you can see from the comments above at least one of my readers was banned by mistake and had his account reinstated. I think that doing away with the referral program will help fix this issue but it also makes the program much less profitable.

      The Checkpoints system of making you wait up to 7 days to verify the activity is also not a big deal. Instant payments are nice but a few days really doesn’t make a difference. I usually cash out the bigger Amazon or iTunes cards and I have always gotten them within the appropriate time frame. I have only seen the Checkpoints app not work once and that was a couple of years ago.

  4. Candice Arseneau says

    I’m wondering if Gympact is worth it… any input or have you tried it yet?

    • Hi Candice,
      I have not tried Gympact and I doubt I ever will. The premise looks good if you can get to the gym regularly but in my case I think I would have better luck either at the casino or flushing my money down the toilet. The fact that you have to pay when you don’t exercise is dangerous to me. I am good at exercising sometimes but life frequently has me too busy to remember all of the time. If you try it please let me know how it goes.

  5. Christine Kubert says

    I noticed there has not been a lot updates or postings in awhile so I thought it might be helpful to pass on this tidbit: gospotcheck is no longer in the crowdsourcing/data collection biz – after the first year they took some time off – it was during those off-line weeks that they collectively decided to focus their attention on assisting companies with their data collection and retail execution – still within the crowdsourcing world but their mission statement went through a metamorphosis – gospotcheck is now more client focused – from start ups to Fortune 500 companys.

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