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Grow Apples For Items And Money

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Someline AppleTree

Someline AppleTree is a unique app for  iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android that claims to pay you either in cash or discounts via their store in exchange for growing apples within the app. In order to grow apples all you need to do is sign up and login and the apples will start to magically appear in your garden which is the blue tab. You can also grow apples with the rest of the world or in groups that you set up or join in the green tab and those apples grow much faster but require you to leave the app on and sitting there.

Someline AppleTree Is Not Recommended

I have some very serious concerns about this app. After installing it and using it for a couple of weeks and having friends install it to test it out I have come to the conclusion that there does not seem to be a viable business model that I can reasonably see. I also have major concerns about the cash out requirements since it requires you to provide pictures of the front and back of your drivers license or passport as well as a half body picture of yourself and it does not state this anywhere until you reach an amount close to the minimum to cash out. I do not know of any legitimate need for this information by any company except perhaps to make it really difficult or uncomfortable to cash out. It does however open you up to a very real potential of identity theft if that information gets into the wrong hands. The only information these companies really need is your SSN if they are a United States based company and you have made more than $600 in a year. It may be reasonable to ask for an ID in cases where there are multiple accounts in a household to verify that they belong to separate people but they would not need to see the back of any ID to do that. I do not know this company but I do know they are located in China and not in the United States.

How Much Can I Earn With Someline AppleTree?

That is a very tricky question and there doesn’t really seem to be any clear answers. It tends to vary significantly by phone and although it appears to be extremely high earnings in US dollars when you look at what you have earned, you will find that if you try to convert the apples to cash via PayPal they are worth roughly 10% of what they state.  Unfortunately you do not have access to this information until you have been growing apples for long enough to be able to convert them into a cash balance. The app is also down frequently. Currently the amount of apples you need to earn before you can see the exchange rate is 1000 but according to the app they must be grown in world, event, or group and not in the garden. My guess is that apples essentially have no real value and the chances of getting paid if you jump through all of the hoops are very slim. If anyone has been paid or not been paid I would like to hear about it in the comments.

What Are The Rewards?

It looks like they want you to use your earnings to purchase items in their store that they claim are discounted. Some of the items they are selling include;

WD 2TB My Passport external Hard Drive for $89.00 cash and 9213 apples that they claim would be worth approximately $100

iPhone 6S Plus for $799 cash and you get 2000 bonus apples

iPad Pro 32GB for 759.05 and 3316 apples

iPad air 2 64GB for 569.05 and 2486 apples

There are several other items and various “Power Ups” that help you earn apples faster. The other option is to cash out your apples to PayPal cash at the rate of about 10% of the value they state the apples are worth as you are earning them. Apparently the first cash out can be done at $20.00 in PayPal cash but after the first one the minimum is raised to $100.00.

Growing Apples

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Someline AppleTree Groups

There are a few different ways to grow apples in the Someline AppleTree app. The first one is to just set up an account and open it up once a day and check your garden which is the blue button on the grow screen. The garden tops out at 90 apples, which must be manually harvested, then claims that 20 will be falling off soon but I have never seen that happen. The apples from the garden do not count toward your 1000 apple minimum to convert to cash. To grow apples faster you can open up the tree in the green button, when it is actually working, and the amount you grow is significantly higher. In order to grow the apples faster you must leave the app open. You can also participate in events or build your own groups by inviting friends or joining someone’s group that you have been invited to. In order for the group to grow apples faster several people need to be actively growing at the same time. I think you can have multiple accounts with multiple email addresses. I have not received any confirmation of this but I tested 2 and did not have any warnings or issues with it.

Cashing Out

Danger, Will Robinson!

I have yet to hear of anyone successfully cashing out from this app but here is where things get scary. Throughout the time you use this app you find out more and more things that are very concerning. Initially the earnings seem to be off the charts which should raise red flags but sometimes companies have just received a huge amount of investment capital to test their ideas. Unfortunately that does not seem to be the case here. You will find eventually that the amount you have earned is only worth roughly 10% of what they state. Once you come close to cashing out you may get banned according to my sources that have gotten that close. If you are able to successfully get your account reinstated you will find this lovely gem that stipulates what you must do in order to cash out. Also take note of how faded the screen is when looking at this. I don’t think you are supposed to be able to find this until after you have started the process of getting your money.

Someline AppleTree Cashout Terms

Someline AppleTree Cash Out Terms 1

Someline AppleTree Cashout Terms 2

Someline AppleTree Cash Out Terms 2











This is a huge problem for me. The requirements state that you must give them pictures that clearly show the front and back of your national identity card which is either a driver’s license or passport. In addition to that you also must provide a picture of the upper half of your body holding the ID in front of you. I do not know what they intend to do with this information but it is not something that you want to hand out to anybody. Giving this information out to anyone can absolutely open you up to having your identity stolen. Do not take pictures of the front and back of your ID for anyone I cannot stress this enough. Even if their intentions are good that info can still be stolen and misused by another party. That info is extremely valuable in the wrong hands and can cause you all kinds of trouble.

Is There A Referral Program?

There appears to be a referral program that gives the referrer 200 apples and the referral 100 apples. I have tried to use it and I was unsuccessful at both using a referral link and giving my referral link to others. This is just one of many major issues the app seems to have. I am not going to post any referral links to this program but I will post the download links for the apps.

Here is the link to download the Android app in Google Play.

Here is the link to download the iPhone app.

Helpful Someline AppleTree Tips

  • Do Not try to use this app
  • Do Not send them pictures of your ID
  • If you do try to use this app and need the contact info for any reason this is how you can get a hold of them since it is not readily available:



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