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Take Short Surveys. Earn Cool Rewards.

SurveyMini is a survey app for iPhone and Android from SMG services which is the same company that provided Locately. SurveyMini pays a little better than most location based survey apps that I have tried including Surveys On The Go. It takes about 6-8 months of continuously answering short surveys or polls to earn enough for a $25.00 gift card. I have been using SurveyMini for about a year and a half and at this point I have cashed out two $25.00 gift cards with about $16.20 in pending earnings.

SurveyMini Is Recommended

At this time I am not going to post any screenshots due to the fact that they prohibit using screenshots in their terms unless they have given written permission. I have emailed support requesting permission but I have not yet received a reply.

How Does It Work?

With SurveyMini you need to have your location services enabled and you must be at least 18. As you are visiting stores and restaurants you will be asked if you have visited a particular business. If you have you will be given short surveys to answer about your experience at a particular business that usually pay between 100 and 750 points which translate into $.10 to $.75. These surveys are more like polls since they are extremely short. The company has stated on their website that they will never be more than 11 questions. In my experience they never take very long unless I have an exceptional experience or a really awful experience and I decide to elaborate with all of the details.

Sometimes you will be asked if you visited a certain business that you did not visit and you will usually be paid something for answering that you did not visit. It is really great to get paid and be able to conveniently offer feedback to businesses where I shop at the same time.

What Can You Earn?

There are 3 different tiers of rewards available. 1000 points is roughly equivalent to a dollar. At the 4000 point level there are some coupons available to places like Office Depot and Shari’s. These coupons expire within 30 days and require you to make purchases to redeem.

At the 12000 point level you can choose a $10.00 gift card from several merchants including Burger King, Sonic, Regal Cinemas, and Payless. At the 25,000 point level you can choose a $25.00 gift card from places like Michael’s, Olive Garden, Victoria’s Secret, Dicks, Kroger, and several others. At the 48,000 point level there are a few options for $50.00 gift cards including Tractor Supply Co. and HomeGoods.

I have personally only redeemed for Michael’s and Kroger cards. The Kroger cards are especially handy because they work for any Kroger store or gas station; I use them at Fred Meyer. I have emailed them and asked for more options but they did not respond and they did not take my suggestion.

Is There a Referral Program?

At this time there is no referral program. Here are the links to download SurveyMini for iPhone and Android:

SurveyMini for Android on the Google Play Store.

SurveyMini for iPhone on the App Store.

Here is a link to the website.

Cashing out

Once you earn enough for the gift card of your choice you select it from the Rewards Center screen. You will have to verify your address since all of the gift cards are physical. It takes a couple of weeks or so for your gift card to come in the mail. I am not sure what the process is for coupons since I have never redeemed them.

Helpful SurveyMini Tips

  • Be sure to enable location services.
  • It is also very helpful to have notifications enabled for SurveyMini since you won’t know if you got a survey without them.
  • Be honest with your answers. Some answers can lead to additional follow up surveys about the same shopping trip.
  • If you do not go to businesses very often you will not get very many surveys since this app is specifically designed to give surveys about your experience at specific businesses at the time you visited.
  • If you did not visit a particular business and you answer no you will sometimes be rewarded anyway.
  • Be patient, it takes several months to get a gift card but it is less time and work than many other apps.




  1. I don’t know when you received your gift card but I requested one in June and never received it. I sent several inquiries to surveymini thru thru the app and never heard anything. Finally at the end of September I sent an email inquiring once again as to when I can expect my giftcard only to be told that it was past the 90 day policy and unfortunately there was nothing they could do for me. I either wanted my giftcard or my points back and I was told I wasn’t getting either. After several emails back and forth with a customer service rep named Daryn I requested to speak to a Supervisor as he was either unable or not authorized to fulfill my request and have heard absolutely nothing. Considering the owners of surveymini is a marketing company and uses the survey info for their business I find it appauling that they will not honor their obligation for months of survey data and feedback. I am really really disappointed. I also remember getting a survey question from surveymini asking me for feedback regarding my giftcard and I told them that I had not received my giftcard and never heard anything from them regarding my answer either. Does anyone even read these things. Long before the 90 days I sent at least 3 inquiries thru the “Contact Us” on the app asking for a status update to my giftcard and never heard anything. Why do they have an app option to contact them if no from their company never does. Until I receive my giftcard that I earned and rightfully deserve, I will contine to tell my story of how this company does not honor their obligations. Please note… there are other negative reviews regarding surveymini not compensating people and they are no longer promoting surveymini and advise people to look into other alternatives.

    • Hi Patricia, thank you for sharing. I have not had a problem with getting gift cards from them and you are the first to tell me about a situation like this. I can understand how that would be very frustrating because it does take a long time to reach a cash out. I have not been able to get customer service to respond to other requests but my cash outs have been smooth. They do send the gift cards physically through the mail and not electronically. Is it possible it was stolen out of the mail by someone or if it was somehow misplaced?

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