The Apps That Pay You Graveyard

This is the Graveyard

This is a list of apps and sites that have been closed or have disappeared. Some of the apps on this list have paid in the past but I can no longer find any evidence that they are still around. Many of these companies, but not all, either owed me money or I had a balance that was under the minimum when they disappeared. I have added a little bit of  info about these services and my experiences with them before they disappeared. I will add sites to this list as needed.

iJob Added July 21, 2012 – This was an app that paid .50 each for short surveys. They did pay but payments were very inconsistent and sporadic. It generally took months to receive payment.
SurveyApp Added July 20, 2012 -This was a paid survey app for iPhone and Android. They seemed to have disappeared. The website is down, I can’t log on to the app, and the app cannot be found in the Apple App Store any longer.

Apperang Added July 20th, 2012 – This was one of the original services that paid you to download apps, they closed in June of 2011. I was paid for all of the free apps that I downloaded from them which built my trust. After using the service for awhile I decided to try 2 paid apps, I was not paid for one of the apps (approximately 5.00) that I purchased from them, they had me fax proof that I purchased it but didn’t respond. The company still operates as W3i.

AppRewards Added July 20th, 2012 – This was an app that paid you to watch videos and fill out surveys about apps. While I was testing it, I upgraded my phone and my earnings did not carry over to the new phone, I contacted support but never received a reply. The app is no longer in the Apple App Store and the website is down.

TapZilla Added July 20th, 2012 – This was a site that paid you a rebate, and sometimes a bonus, to download apps from the Apple App Store. I downloaded 2 apps through them and never received payment, I did not receive any reply from support. The website has been down for some time now and the service has been discontinued. I still don’t see anything online about them closing.

OrangePanel Added July 20th, 2012 – This was a paid survey app for iPhone. The app is still available for download in the Apple App Store, I have never seen a survey available, and the website is down. Added August 22, 2012 – This is a website owned by Google that had apps for both Android and iPhone. was a platform where businesses and individuals could post different contests for things like logo creation or naming their business. The service was discontinued in July and anyone who still has outstanding credit can claim their money until January 31, 2013.

WeReward Added January 22, 2013 –  WeReward gradually went downhill until there was pretty much no opportunities left. They gave everybody the option of applying (but stated that the criteria was very strict to be accepted) to their new app Staree and transferring balances before closing but apparently many people did not get the message and lost all their accumulated points. I had all of my points (about $5.00 worth) deducted for inactivity several months before the switch since there were no activities that I was willing to do for more than 6 months.

AppReviewerPro Added March 17th, 2013 – AppReviewerPro was a very promising app, from a developer called AppGeneration, that paid you for reviews. It seemed pretty stable and there were plenty of reviews for a while. I managed to be paid $93.39 total before they stopped paying. I only had a few dollars in credit when the site shut down but depending on how long everyone waited to cash out some people lost more money than that. This is a good example of how some sites that seem stable and paying can just disappear without warning.

NPolls Added March 17th, 2013 – Another good stable app from AppGeneration that was paying for a long time then they stopped sending surveys to people who were close to the minimum $10.00 cash out. I made $20.00 total from this app and I had $6.50 in credit when they stopped paying.

Yardsellr Added March 17th, 2013 – This was a site with an IOS app that was started by former eBay execs to compete with eBay. I first signed up to this site over a year ago because I saw an ad that promised me $5.00 for free at signup. They didn’t mention in the ad that it was store credit that expired right away so I stopped using the site for a long time. They eventually started coming up with crazy schemes to give away all of their funding and I spent a couple of months at the end trying to perfect an earnings strategy to share with everyone. Unfortunately these ideas they had were not sustainable and although I got some really cool things for great prices they didn’t manage to stay in business.

InfoArmy Added March 17th, 2013– Although the company is still in business at the time of this writing they no longer offer a way to make money with their website or iPad app. This was an interesting company that had a huge amount of funding. They had you build reports about businesses for them using their iPad app and website. Initially you could claim ownership of a company report as long as you completed it on time and made quarterly updates. I claimed only 1 report which was for SessionM the company that provides mPoints. With that report I made a total of $30.57 and got to spend many hours researching SessionM. They claimed there was much more to be made eventually but in reality they suffered from too many people making substandard reports really quickly. They kept lowering the incentives until most people abandoned their reports and eventually took everyone’s reports away. Now you can still create reports for them but you will not be paid for them in any way.

GoSpotCheck October 1st, 2012 – Moved to The Recommended List from The Elite List since they are not currently active but also not gone. June, 2013 – Moved to The Graveyard From The Recommended List.

Locately Added Feb 1st, 2015 – Locately was a location based survey app that was a slow but consistent earner.

JunoWallet/BambooWallet Added May 1st, 2016-JunoWallet was a decent rewards app that just disappeared with no warning.

The Ride App Added October 9th, 2015 – The Ride App was an app that paid you to leave active in the background on your iPhone all the time so they could monitor your location data. It was a very slow earner and it was not very clear what they were doing with the data.

Zappidy Added Feb 1st, 2016 – Zappidy was a fun mystery shopping app that had pretty good earnings compared to some others in the industry.


Chargerpay – Update August 2022 – Chargerpay has been inactive for years and even when it was working it was not recommended because of payment issues.

Checkpoints – Added August 2022- Checkpoints was one of my favorite apps that pay you but it became inactive several years ago. It looks like someone is trying to revive it but it doesn’t seem viable now.

RealbucksTV and RealBucksGo – Update August 2022- These were recommended but replaced with newer PCH apps.

MyAppAware –  Update August 2022 – This was one of the best paid review services. It was one of the few that did not require positive reviews. It was nice while it lasted.

Someline AppleTree – Update August 2022 -This app seemed like a scam and I was surprised it was approved in the App Store.

Viggle August , 2022 – It’s been gone for many years. It was nice while it lasted.

Cashcrate Update August 2022 – This was a good GPT app that had been around for many years. it was sad to see it go.

BestReviewApp – Update August 2022 – This site started out really good but sold out along the way.


  1. Missy Claire says

    My friend tried WeReward and she said she got paid. before I try it I’d like to know some reviews about it from those who already have tried it. Thanks. 🙂

    • I was paid 1 time by WeReward and it was pretty good for a short time but then they stopped having anything I was willing to do to earn in the app. It was in the Not Recommended section for some time before I moved it to the Graveyard due the fact that it no longer exists.

  2. AppRewards seems to be back up and dedicated again =)

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