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The Ride App by OnMobile Media is an app for iPhone that pays you for having it on your phone while you travel. There is no requirement to do any check ins or scans all you have to do is have the app on your phone to accumulate points. It keeps track of how many miles you travel and pays you for them. I have been using The Ride App for about 4 months and I have been paid 3 times for a total of $3.00 in Amazon Gift Cards.

The Ride App Has Been Moved To The Graveyard

As of October 9th, 2015 the Ride App is not longer active. It is no longer available for download and they appear to have gone out of business. Here is the full text of their final email to users.

Hello Riders-
It is with heavy hearts that we are sending you this email. Unfortunately we can no longer afford to operate the business. You’ve probably noticed Ride is not working properly. Since September 30th 2015, we stopped awarding points for miles traveled and regular Ride rewards are no longer be available.

We are so proud that over the past three years we have given over $150,000 in gift cards and prizes to our Riders!!! And we thought, why not give away one last prize? With your remaining points, you will be automatically entered in our final sweepstakes. WE ARE GIVING AWAY A $1,000 GIFT CARD TO AMAZON.COM.

Everyone will be entered, so everyone has a chance to win. You will be entered once for every 500 points you have in your account. Plus an one additional entry per person, just for being a part of Ride. We will draw the one lucky winner on October 5th, 2015 with an email announcement following shortly after announcing the winner.

We thank you for the patronage and taking our team on such a great Ride!

The Ride Team

Sweepstake ends Ocotber 5th, 2015. The winner will be notified by email after October 5th, 2015. If the winner does not respond within 7 days of our notification, we will choose another winner. Ride’s regular rewards are no longer being offered.
We reserve the right to expire unredeemed points under our Terms and Conditions. This is the notification of users points expiring and Ride and OnMobileMedia will no longer be operating. All remaining points in all Ride accounts will no longer be active after sweepstake entries. All Ride accounts will no longer accumulate points starting September 30th,2015. If you wish to cancel your account, simply uninstall the Ride app on your phone. We strongly encourage you to uninstall the Ride App or location data can still be transferred. Ride’s Support Team is no longer available.


Although this app is a relatively slow earner compared to most other apps that I recommend, you are getting paid without really having to do anything but cash out once in awhile.

How The Ride App Works

How Much Can I Earn?

The Ride App pays you points for each mile you ride, walk, or fly with it enabled on your phone. You do not have to have the app open to earn points. The amount you earn per mile can vary but it seems like it is about 1.5 points for each mile on the ground and they are limited to no more than 1 point for every 2 miles by air. In addition to the points you accumulate for having the app installed there are also many bonus opportunities to earn points by interacting with their Facebook page. 4000 points are worth about a dollar and can be redeemed for gift certificates.

What are the Rewards?

All of the rewards from the Ride App are gift cards. They currently offer several gift cards including Amazon, Redbox, iTunes, Starbucks, and Papa Johns. The minimum gift cards are $1.00 or 4000 points. The most expensive reward is a $15.00 Regal Cinema gift card that costs 60,000 points.

Signing Up

In order to have an account you must be 18, live in the US, and be able to connect with your Facebook account. You can earn points without using Facebook but you need to connect to Facebook in order to redeem any prizes you earn.

Is There A Referral Program?

At this time there is a limited referral program that allows you to refer up to 8 of your Facebook friends. Each time you invite a friend you get 50 points and if they join you receive an additional 250 points when they download the app. When they redeem their first reward you receive another 250 points for a total potential of 550 points per referral.

Update-Inactive link removed. 

Cashing Out

Once you receive enough points to cash out for the reward you want you have to log into the app under the home screen. You select the reward you want and click redeem. You have to be logged into Facebook to redeem a prize. You will get an email confirmation that you have redeemed the gift card and you will receive it within a couple of days.

Customer Service

I initially signed up to The Ride App before the Facebook requirement was in place. When I had to start using Facebook a new duplicate account was created using my Facebook email address. As a result of this my old account became dormant and it appeared to have wiped out all of the points I had earned. After several frustrated emails back and forth they finally discovered that there were 2 accounts and they moved all of my points from my old account to my new account before deleting it. Good customer service is an important thing when choosing apps to work with. I was pretty impressed by how they handled the situation.

I did email support regarding this review and I have not heard back from them. Since it has been over a week I am posting the review and the email to support. Here the email I sent on February 18th:

Hi Simon,
Sorry for the delay. I am finishing up your review that I would like to post this week and I had some questions for you.
What is the actual name of your app for publishing purposes? Is it Ride, the Ride App, or The Ride App?
What is the amount earned per mile on the ground? I am currently seeing approximately 1.5 points per mile but it seems like it changes.
Are you planning an Android version anytime soon?
How do you make money? This is important because there are lots of apps that disappear from not properly monetizing the activity and sometimes don’t pay everybody. The only thing I can imagine is that you sell the location data to survey companies or you are somehow affiliated with the oil industry. I see that you have at least 1 other competitor in the same exact field (Panel App) but you pay significantly more than them.
Can I post screenshots from my account?
That is everything I needed to know for now. I am planning on recommending your service. I would be happy to send you an email of the review if you want to see it and comment before I publish as long as I hear back from you this week.
Thanks, Stan

Helpful Tips

  • Make sure that you sign up with your Facebook account to avoid any issues later.
  • Make sure that the location services are enabled for the app so it can see your miles.
  • If your points disappear you probably just need to log back into Facebook from within the app.


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  1. Hey Stan,
    Can you tell me how I convert my miles traveled to points?

    • Hi Ziv,

      This one is pretty simple you just install the app and sign up. It automatically converts miles to points in the background without any effort. At this time it only works in the US.

  2. Hey stan,
    tnx for the answer.
    but you know how many miles i need to convert?
    beacuse i have right now 25 miles..:)

    • Right below the miles total there is a point total so you should have that info in the app. My current miles total as of today is 3310 and my point total from those miles is 1379. I think that there is some carry over on the miles from the last time I cashed out but I’m not sure. I sent an email to them asking about what the points are worth exactly but they have not replied.

  3. This app is awesome, between going to work and school plus posting on their Facebook page it’s easy money even if its slow. But it’s steady.

  4. Hey Stan, I know they track your miles, but do they track your location also? I’m not so sure that would be safe in this world today!

  5. can anyone tell me what happened to this app?? I can’t find it in the App Store anymore!!!

  6. The app isn’t in the App Store unless they changed their name 🙁

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