Viggle Has Officially Launched For Android!!!

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Viggle announced today that they have officially launched their app for Android devices. To celebrate the official launch they are giving away 12 free iHome rechargeable Android speakers. In order to win you must copy and tweet the message found at the official Viggle Blog. They will draw the winners from everyone who tweets the Android news on Twitter.

Everybody Should Use Viggle

Viggle has been one of the best Apps That Pay You for iPhone and other ios devices since it’s launch and now that it is available on Android, most smartphone users will have this amazing opportunity. Viggle literally pays you to watch TV, play games, and watch commercials. I have madeĀ  a total of $235 in Amazon and iTunes gift cards from Viggle since its launch in January of 2012.


For more information about Viggle and to get download links, please check out my review:

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  1. While this site was great a couple months ago, I think it has gone way downhill ~ viggle live is only giving you 10 pts, and if you get the question wrong its down to 1 pt now (instead of 5 before) ~ The checkins are ridicously low now (except for 1 or 2 show) and the pt value for the rewards has gone up 33%. I downloaded this in July, was having fun using it for the Olympic, but now, its so much more work to do it~

    • Hi Kim,

      I appreciate your input. I agree that the earnings have decreased substantially and I no longer consider Viggle to be an elite app. I do think it is still a reasonable earning opportunity that pays you for something you already do for free. I hope they are able to eventually reach profitability without decreasing the earnings too much more.

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