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Get A Second Paycheck From Your Smartphone

Gigwalk is a mystery shopping app for iPhone, that is very similar to Field Agent, where you are paid to do different kinds of jobs. There is currently a Beta version for Android users. I first downloaded Gigwalk around the time it came out in mid 2011, but they were only focusing on large metropolitan areas. Gigs finally came to my area in 2012, I have done 2 gigs so far and been paid a total of $29. I believe in the right market this app has tremendous earning potential. It seems to be getting better all of the time.


Since I first wrote this review many changes have been made to Gigwalk. Here are a few of the bigger ones:

  • You now have to apply to each job you take and tell them a little about yourself  and you have to state how long it will take to complete the gig.
  • It appears that the streetcred system no longer exists but there is still a reputation score.
  • I was paid for a gig within a few hours of completing it instead of the 7 days it used to take.


GigWalk Is Recommended

Update September 26th, 2012 – I have been paid a total of 5 times by Gigwalk for total lifetime earnings of $41.00.

How Gigwalk Works

When you sign up for Gigwalk it is important to fill in your profile details and skills so they can determine which gigs will be relevant to you. They also ask for professional endorsements similar to when you apply for a real job. When you sign in to the app there is a list of gigs that are available in your area.

You apply for gigs based on your interest and skills. If you are accepted and you decide to take a gig It must be completed within 48 hours unlike Field Agent which only gives you 2 hours.  You can only reserve 1 gig at a time but there is no limit to the amount of gigs you can complete in a day. It is important to read the instructions carefully and make sure that you are doing exactly what they ask. When you go into stores representing Gigwalk you are required to ask permission before taking any pictures.

What You Can Earn

Most Gigs I have seen have been between $4 and $8. I know that there are practice gigs that only pay Streetcred and gigs that pay up to $50 or more. I have done a $4 gig where I was asked to photograph all directions of an intersection, it took only a few minutes.

The other gig I did was a $25 gig where I had to call around to find Totinos Pizza Stuffers, then go buy them, then try them. I had to photograph every step of the process including pictures in and of the store, it took more than a few minutes to complete. In order to get this gig they sent me a screening questionnaire which they said I received because of the first gig I did.


Streetcred is how the clients rate your work. When you complete jobs and the client accepts them you are given a rating in Streetcred. Some jobs require you to have a certain amount of Streetcred in order to even apply for them. Of course the more Streetcred you have the more likely you are to get the jobs you want to do.

Cashing Out

You need to set your payout threshold to determine when you get paid. After you submit a job it goes to the client who has 7 days to accept or reject your work. After 7 days if your work is accepted and you have met your payout threshold, your money is deposited into your Paypal account.

Is there a referral program?

There is a limited referral program that requires you to know people to refer in certain geographic areas. When referral opportunities are available they will be listed as gigs. Here is a link to download Gigwalk for free in the iTunes App Store:

Gigwalk – Gigwalk Inc.


Here is the link to the Gigwalk Android app for anyone who would like to sign up.

Helpful Gigwalk Tips

  • Check for gigs often they are frequently adding more.
  • Take your time to do gigs right and make sure to double check your work, The better you do the more gigs you will get in the future.
  • Make sure you fill in your profile and get professional endorsements  to make yourself more attractive to clients.
  • Be sure to ask before taking pictures in businesses. I have been asked to leave a Walmart, by the store director and security, while taking pictures for Field Agent.






  1. Jeesica@Iphone app Developer says

    This App Seems Excellent, Is this just for US ? or for Australia as well??

    I am downloading it right away and definitely give it a try as its an easy money and part time job

    • Thanks for asking, I emailed Gigwalk support and this is what I found out:

      Is gigwalk available outside of the US?
      I had someone specifically ask about Australia. If not, are there plans to expand internationally? According to the FAQ it is only available in select US markets.


      Hello Stan,

      Good question! We do plan to expand beyond the US within the next year or two (and already have work in some areas of Canada), but have not decided on specific dates yet.

      Thank you,

  2. Mike Green@mystery shopping company says

    Wow this is a great app. I didn’t know this kind of app exists until I have read this post. I usually look for mystery shopping forums and I suddenly thought of looking out for blogs that share similar stories as the forums. Luckily, I got here. Thanks for this very useful info.

  3. Great apps for my smart phone, thanks.

  4. search jobs at says

    I am looking for such unique jobs from apps

  5. Wilks Holmes says

    To anyone who hasn’t heard about gigwalk then I would definitely recommend this article for you to start with. It’s so easy and direct to the point that you won’t find yourself puzzled about some concepts for too long.

    • Yes Gigwalk is definitely a good app that pays you. There seems to be less gigs available for smaller markets though.

  6. Leggings says

    Oh, I just switched to Android, looking forward now to the app for Android..

  7. Leggings says

    I can’t find it at the Play Store and at Top Apps, can you help me where to look for it though?

    • Since it is a Beta test, the app is not available at Google Play or Top Apps yet. I just updated the post to make the link more obvious.

  8. These apps and websites sound amazing!! The only thing that’s bothering me now are things about tax. Do you mind if you can inform me about that because i am still a bit unclear how these things work. Do you have to pay tax?

    Thanks for reading!


    • Hi John,

      That is a great question. Unfortunately, I am not in any way qualified to give tax advice. You would have to consult with your tax adviser to find out what your tax liabilities are.

  9. James Fontaine says

    When will the Android version be available? How will I know when I can download the app? When I signed up for beta, it just took me to a blank screen with no confirmation or information on what to do next.. Just wait for an email? James

    • Hi James,

      I don’t know when the official Android app will be ready. Usually when you signup for a beta like that they will email you when they are ready.

  10. do you have to pay taxes for gigwalk?
    what is the age requirement and what if you are an under aged gigwalker?

  11. Hi Tommy,

    I cannot advise you regarding your tax liability, you must consult a qualified tax professional. I can tell you that I found this quote in the Terms on the Gigwalk website:

    “Use of the Website is permitted only by individuals who can form legally binding contracts under applicable Law. Without limiting the foregoing, you must be at least 18 years old to become a Gig Provider. If you do not qualify, please do not submit an application to become a Gig Provider.”

  12. Dark Penguin says

    As one of the Android users, now sidelined for more than four months, I’ve been watching the changes–and it seems to me GW is losing its way. At the beginning, the business model seemed to be a sort of virtual corkboard of small, odd tasks that were done on an opportunistic basis. Whoever grabbed the Gig could go do the Gig.

    Now, though, it seems like a virtual temp agency. You have to compete directly with others to get the privilege of doing a Gig. If there are more Gigwalkers than Gigs, then a good many of them will not get to do Gigs. Even if there are few applicants for a specific job, that doesn’t mean anyone can do that job; the client might well decide to keep collecting offers until they find one with the right qualifications.

    GW assures Android users that the version for their devices will come back someday, and that we will not be at a competitive disadvantage by reason of having been benched for so long, while iPhone owners have gone forward and racked up experience and reputation. Most Android users will hardly recognize the business model if we ever get to use it again.

    • Hi Dark Penguin,

      I have not gotten very many gigs for iPhone based on my geographic location. I think that this app has potential but it is frustrating at times. At this time I don’t think that there is any comparable app on Android yet but it seems like there is demand.

      • Dark Penguin says

        There was an Android version until the end of March; it was then taken down because it was incompatible with the v2.0 rollout for iOS. At that time I had just had a gig rejected because the picture quality wasn’t good enough, and immediately after that I found a way to use a better camera while in the field and still use the content for Gigs–then the app broke!

  13. Just be careful with what you put on your profile and who can see it.

    There are hundreds of ways to create a hit.
    • Application Program Interface (API): Users need to log in to get relevant data from the website.

  14. Is Gigwalk available in Australia using Samsung Galaxy S3???

    • My understanding is that Gigwalk is US only but it would not hurt to try it. If they don’t cover Australia you should let them know that you think there is a demand.

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