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These Are The Best Apps And Sites

There are a few apps and sites that go above and beyond in terms of things like: earning potential, paying on time, and customer support. This list is the best of the best when talking about apps that pay you. These are sites that have proven to be exceptional during the time I have used them. The only way to make it onto this list is by continuously being the best, I will update this list as necessary and will add and remove anybody that deserves it. All of the apps and sites on this list are highly recommended and the links are to reviews here on

Field Agent May 1st, 2013 – Moved to back to The Elite List from The Recommended List since most of the issues with payments and rejections seem to be fixed and I have made more from this app in the last couple of years than any other.




  1. Thanks for sharing., more please.. 🙂

  2. ClaireApps says

    I’ll definitely try one of this sites or all of it (as advise) so I can start making profit out of my smartphone. 🙂

    • All of these are the best to start with. The Recommended List will be helpful also. Be Sure to avoid anyone on the Not Recommended List and the Hall Of Shame.

  3. Missy Claire says

    Ei.. I’ve tried Shopkick and all is well so far nad I’m still having my way with it but it’s cool.
    thanks again. 🙂

  4. I don’t get how Checkpoints makes the Elite. Half the time mine doesn’t work, they make you wait for your $1 gift card (I have waited as many as 14 days) and many times the stuff hasn’t credited to me at all. App trailers does an instant gc.

    • Hi Dee,

      I always get paid like clockwork from Checkpoints. It takes up to 7 days with an electronic gift card and a few more days extra for shipping with a physical card but I have never had a problem.

      • I didn’t have any wait time to use my $10 Amazon gift card from Checkpoints. My main issue with the app is that it takes a while to accumulate points by visiting stores. Unless I’m already shopping, or visiting the store as part of a FieldAgent/Gigwalk job, it’s hard to justify going to a store solely for the purposes of earning checkpoints. I feel that apps like Checkpoints and Shopkick have a low earning potential as a result.

        • Hi Alex,

          I agree, these are great apps if you are in the store but I don’t recommend going too far out of your way. As you can see I have been very successful integrating these apps into my normal routine. I have earned thousands of dollars from these apps and I rarely go to stores just for these scans unless the Field Agent Jobs are especially lucrative. I regularly train new users for these apps in person so my numbers look especially low since most of my totals for mystery shopping apps don’t reflect the actual time I spend with them. I feel that everybody should be have a shot at the jobs.

  5. Love your blog, very informative. I have a question? When you download these apps do you have to keep
    them on your phone or can u delete them after you earn the points, also my phone doesn’t have a lot of storage do you have any recommendations for this issue? Thnx

    • Hi Tay,

      It depends on the app. If you are talking about an app that you use frequently to make money you might want to keep it on your phone. If you are talking about reviewing an app you only need to keep it long enough to get a good test.

  6. Hello. I just started using FIELD AGENT and I was going to do a bit of scavenger hunting at Wal Mart last night while doing another mystery shop and I was unable to find any of the items on the list. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal I’d just go home and look up what everything was so that I’d have a better idea of what I was looking for the next time. But I can’t find these UPC codes linked with any type of product anywhere… all of them… Any ideas or should I contact their support for this one? Thanks

    • Hi Candice,

      I have never had any luck with the scavenger hunts. I recommend sticking with the actual jobs since the scavenger hunts seem to be looking for products that may only be in certain regions. The app is excellent with the exception of the scavenger hunts.

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