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Get Paid To Search The Web

Swagbucks is a really fun program that pays you Paypal cash,  gift cards, or physical products to do many different activities. Swagbucks is primarily a paid search engine powered by Google so their search results are similar to Google. They have also added an enormous amount of other earning opportunities to make money online. Swagbucks currently has 2 Android apps available, 1 for watching paid videos on SBTV, and 1 for searching. At this time there is no official Swagbucks app for iPhone but they hopefully will have one soon. The free app Search It All for iPhone is compatible with Swagbucks search. The good news is that even without an app you can earn money from Swagbucks anywhere you go using your  iPhone, computer, or tablet.

Update- August 2022 Swagbucks is still going strong and is one of the best apps that pay you ever. I will be making a new Swagbucks review soon to fill everybody in on the best current strategies but you can still download and use Swagbucks. I have rarely had any issues with Swagbucks and it’s easy to make hundreds of dollars with it.


Update July 25th, 2012 – SwagBucks has announced the launch of Swagbucks.com mobile for Android and iPhone. It is now even easier to earn Swagbucks on your phone.

Swagbucks Is Recommended

Update March 27, 2016 – I have been paid a total of 216 times by Swagbucks. My Total lifetime earnings to date are $1724 in gift cards and PayPal Cash.

Update February 28th, 2013 – Swagbucks just keeps getting better and better where most apps start out really good and drop off when they run out of money. With all of the changes they have made for the better in the last few months and with the new pricing and promos (including the Swagbucks birthday bash and daily goal meter) I managed to make well over $100 in February alone.

How It Works


At Swagbucks you earn a virtual currency called Swagbucks that you can redeem for many different gift cards or physical items. You also have the option of Paypal cash or charity donations. Swagbucks are generally worth 1 penny but can vary greatly depending on what you get. I usually order the $5 Amazon gift cards that cost 450SB  each. Sometimes I get Paypal cash but those cost 700SB for a $5. So far in 1 year I have earned a total of 20,391 Swagbucks, that would be $225 in Amazon gift cards or $145 in Paypal cash.

Update January, 2013 – SwagBucks has announced the temporary promo pricing for gift cards during Christmas is now permanent. This means that when you purchase gift cards they all cost $.01 per Swagbuck with no limits on how many you can order so a $5.00 gift card is now 500 Swagbucks. They have also made PayPal Cash .01 per Swagbuck starting at a minimum $25.00 order. The first 5 Amazon gift cards are still 450 Swagbucks. These means that your earnings go farther than they ever have before.

Paid Searching

The majority of my earnings have come from both me and my referrals doing paid searches. You can expect to see up to 4 search wins in a day. In general I have earned anywhere from 5-50 Swagbucks from each search win, they say it is possible to earn more than that if you are really lucky. In addition to paid searches Swagbucks has come up with so many ways to reward its customers who they refer to as Swaggernauts. I will try to cover as much as I can but there are so many opportunities and new ones are being introduced all the time.


There is a feature called SBTV that pays you to watch informative videos at the rate of 3SB per 10 videos. There is a limit of 75SB that you can earn per day from SBTV.

Offer Walls

There are several offer walls such as Peanut Labs, Trial Pay, Gambit, and Radium One.Offer walls pay you for doing lots of different tasks like shopping, paid signups, and watching videos. Usually you get paid more per video on an offer wall but there are less of them.

Free Daily Swagbucks

There is a daily poll that pays 1SB every day you vote on it, if you follow the NOSO or no obligation special offer you get 2 free Swagbucks every day. In addition if you download the toolbar it pays 1 free SB daily.

Swag Codes And The Swidget

Keep an eye out for Swag Codes they are released very frequently and are worth varying amounts. If you follow them on Twitter and add them on Facebook you are more likely to get the codes. You can also check the widget for active codes. I will post the Swidget here for your convenience.

Trusted Surveys

I have done pretty well with the trusted surveys. I like the fact that you get paid to fill out your profiles. These surveys are the same as most survey sites so you won’t qualify for all of them but they are good at matching you with the right ones. Another nice feature is that you still get 1SB if you don’t qualify.

Swagbucks Games

You can play Swagbucks games and get paid for tournaments or free play. Tournaments have the potential to be more lucrative but you have to pay to play so you can also lose. I really like the Tetra-Cube which is very similar to Tetris. One feature of the games is that you can only win so many times in one month, It is a double edge sword because it gives every one a chance but it can be frustrating when you are on a roll.

Daily Deals And Coupons

You can earn Swagbucks from buying the daily deals fron Yelp, Google Offers or Daily Spinach. Also you are actually paid to print out and redeem coupons at local grocery stores from Swagbucks. Each coupon is worth 10SB. It does take between 8-12 weeks to get credit from the coupons. I think that sure beats other types of coupon clipping.

Referral Program

Swagbucks has a generous referral program that pays you all the exact amount of your referral’s search wins up to 1000 Swagbucks, you are not guaranteed 1000SB but you have the potential to win it with every referral. I have found that most referrals are inactive but the few that are not really add to the SB total. It is well worth getting as many referrals as possible because everybody wins. I send all of my referrals a friend request, please feel free to reply to me if you have questions or need any help with Swagbucks.

Here is my link thanks for using it: http://www.swagbucks.com.

Here is a non referral link to Swagbucks for anyone who prefers to use it.

If anyone is kind enough to add the swagbutton to their desktop or laptop I will get a bonus for that.


Here is the official Swagbucks Android App.
Here is the official Swagbucks Android SBTV App.

Update November , 2012 -A new Swagbucks iPhone app was released on CyberMonday. This app allows you to make up to 50 Swagbucks a day just watching SBTV videos which is about an extra $15.00 a month at current redemption values. You are paid 2 Swagbucks for every 5 videos you watch and these earnings limits are completely separate from SBTV on the website. At the time of this update the videos play automatically once you start the first one which makes it perfect for playing in the background while you are online or watching TV.

Here is the link for the free SBTV iPhone App in the iTunes App Store:

Swagbucks TV – Swagbucks
Here is the Regular Swagbucks App:

Swagbucks – Swagbucks
Here is the Entertainow App:

EntertaiNow – Swagbucks

Cashing out

You can check out the different prizes in the Swagstore. Once you earn the amount your prize costs all you have to do is click the snag it button. You will be prompted to verify your order by email or entering your security answer. If you don’t verify your order within a couple of days, it gets cancelled and your Swagbucks get returned. I always get the Amazon gift cards and they always arrive within the 10-14 days of purchase, Paypal is generally much faster. They just added a feature that gives you the Amazon cards within 1-2 days but it costs an extra 50sb.

  Helpful Swagbucks Tips

  • I find it much easier to earn faster when my homepage is set to Swagbucks. That way I always remember to do the Searches.
  • Check the Toolbar, Facebook, and Twitter often for Swagcodes.
  • I installed the toolbar on Chrome, that way I can still use it when I want but it doesn’t clutter my Firefox browser.
  • Check the homepage often for new offers and games, there are lots of videos posted there often.
  • Look in your email, there are usually offers there that you won’t see anywhere else, there are frequently daily videos worth 3 SB if you click an ad.


  1. Websitesediting says

    The PC based SBTV (swagbucks TV) used to be 75 points maximum a day, then they raised that maximum to 150 as a “trial” and keep moving the date when that limit is supposed to return to 75. Last time I looked they said on the Blog that end of April 2012 was the deadline. May have already been changed again.

    There is an additional site-message-box message that asks us to check an advert is correct at the start of a video for which they supply your own personal unique link. Answering the 1 question survey about it, gets 3 SB, a lot faster than having to do 10 videos to get the same amount. Possibly have to use SBTV a lot, to get allocated these, as they say “as an active user…”. The word active indicates to me that if you only do surveys and so on, then perhaps you may not get these extra bonuses. They do not come to me in my email account, just the on-site inbox.

    Nice article, well written.

    • Thanks, I did notice that the limit was raised to 150 Swagbucks for awhile but I thought it ended a long time ago. I appreciate you pointing out that this promotion is still going on. I have personally never reached the 75 Swagbuck limit in a day for SBTV so I guess the promotion doesn’t really mean much to me but hopefully the info is useful to my readers. I answer the 1 question survey every day that they send it, that is a great opportunity.

  2. Farhan@sites like swagbucks says

    Hello, You have do a nice review of swagbucks. Of course swag bucks is very generous.

  3. Jeanette says

    They have changed the amount you can earn on the sbtv app to 50 a day.

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