JunoWallet/BambooWallet App Review | Paid 8 Times

Turn Tasks Into Gift Cards

The Welcome Screen For BambooWallet

BambooWallet Welcome Screen

JunoWallet and BambooWallet are apps that pay you to do different tasks with your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Windows Phone 7, or Android. I downloaded JunoWallet and BambooWallet a few months ago and I was able to reach the minimum payout of $10.00 within the first 3 weeks. Since then I have been paid 2 times for a total of $20.00 in iTunes gift cards.

I delayed writing this review, due to some major changes that have been going on for the last couple of months, including JunoWallet being replaced in the Apple App Store with BambooWallet, and the referral bonus being increased to 3 levels.

JunoWallet And BambooWallet Have Been Moved To The Graveyard

On April 1st, 2016 JunoWallet posted that “Something Big is coming soon…” on their Facebook page. That something was that they just disappeared without any explanation or opportunity to cash out anyone’s balance. I was very surprised because it seemed like they were doing pretty well for several years.

Update May 25th, 2013 – I have been paid 7 times by JunoWallet/BambooWallet for lifetime total earnings of $80.00 iTunes and Google Play Gift Cards.

How JunoWallet and BambooWallet Work

What Rewards Can You Earn?

With JunoWallet and BambooWallet you earn JunoCredits which are equal to .01 per Credit. JunoCredits can be exchanged for prizes including: Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, EBay gift cards, and Starbucks gift cards. Points cannot be redeemed for cash. There are different prizes for different amounts starting at the minimum $10.00.

Update September, 2012 – There is a new feature called Monday Money Mobile Madness where you earn a 25% bonus every Monday for tasks, installs, videos, and invite credits each Monday from 12:01 AM until 11:59 PM.

JunoWallet Earn Gifts

Earn Gifts From JunoWallet



Update August, 2012 JunoWallet is now available on Windows Phone 7.

Originally an app for both iPhone and Android, Junowallet new installs are currently only available for Android. There is a Mobile website called Reward Me that is now available for iPhone users who still want to get paid to download apps. The primary way to earn JunoCredits with JunoWallet is by downloading the featured free apps. There are usually plenty to choose from and generally each free app pays between 5-30 points, Sometimes they pay a little more. You can also Earn JunoCredits with Facebook likes which are usually .25-.50 each and referrals. Pay-per-task offers have also been added to JunoWallet for Android.


BambooWallet has replaced JunoWallet in the Apple App Store due to Apple placing restrictions on paying for app downloads. BambooWallet works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The primary way to earn from BambooWallet is by completing pay-per-task offers. BambooWallet also gives rewards per Facebook fan and referrals. They have recently added a rewards per video feature that lets you watch around 10 videos per day for one JunoCredit each.

Offer Walls

Here are some of the offer wall companies that JunoWallet and BambooWallet use for pay-per-tasks and app downloads. It is important to check different offer walls for paid downloads and tasks before completing them because the amount you get paid from each will vary tremendously. All of the paid downloads from JunoWallet pay .16 each.


Usually W3i pays a little better than other companies for paid downloads of free apps so make sure to check them first before downloading any apps. W3i was the owner of the Apperang service that paid users to download free apps before it was discontinued. I did fail to be reimbursed for a paid app I downloaded from Apperang just before the service was discontinued.


Sponsor pay has paid downloads and offers available frequently. Usually W3i pays a little more than SponsorPay for downloads but there are times when new apps come out that are being promoted very heavily and SponsorPay pays the most.


Aarki is a relatively new partner for JunoWallet that pays you primarily to watch short videos which tend to be between 15-30 seconds. Most videos are worth 1 JunoCredit but I have seen a few that pay 2.


RadiumOne is one of the main companies providing offer walls that I have seen. They have a large variety of pay per tasks available including a few app downloads. They also provide videos very frequently.

Is There A Referral Program?

JunoWallet and BambooWallet have a very generous referral program that pays the referral 25 JunoCredits which is .25 and pays the referrer 3 levels. Currently the referrer gets .50 for the initial referral which would be level 1, then .25 for each of the referrals referrals which would be level 2, and an additional .50 for those referrals referrals which would be level 3. In order to get credit for referrals they must do a qualified install which means they install the app and make $1.00, not including rewards per invite or rewards per fan.

Please use my referral code SA65925 when you sign up so we both get points. If you do use my code I will send you a welcome message from within the app. If you have questions or need help feel free to reply to my message and I will do what I can to assist you.

Important Links

Reward Me Paid Downloads For iPhone

Reward Me Paid Downloads For iPhone

Dead Link Removed

Dead Link Removed

Dead Link Removed

Update – As of August, 2012-Reward Me is now called JunoWallet HTML5. You will need to install the Junowallet profile on your phone to get credit for your activities.

Dead Link Removed. This is only accessible from mobile devices and it allows iPhone users to continue to get paid for installs even though they can’t do it from the BambooWallet app.


Dead Link Removed on Windows Phone 7 for free in in the Windows Phone Marketplace.


Cashing out

Buy Gift Cards With JunoCredits

Buy Gift Cards With JunoCredits

Once you reach the minimum cash out of $10.00 for the lower priced gift cards or whatever amount the gift card is that you want, you can request to cash out at any time. Make sure to cash out as quickly as possible after you have earned what you want to get because sometimes they run out of certain gift cards. After you cash out you need to wait 24 hours to be able to access your gift card. JunoWallet says the 24 hour holding period is to prevent scammers.



Usually everything works like it should. So far, the couple of times I have tried, I have not had very good luck getting a response from JunoWallet support. When I initially signed up there was mention in the app about connecting to FourSquare and getting paid for check ins. I could not find a way to do it so I contacted support and never received a reply. Also occasionally offers or downloads will fail to credit. If there is a problem you must contact the company that provided the task, in my experience JunoWallet does not respond to these support requests.


Helpful JunoWallet/BambooWallet Tips

  • Always make sure to check different offer walls for to see how much they pay for offers and downloads to maximize your earnings.
  • Never lie about your referral code or post the code in places it doesn’t belong like the Apple App Store, you will get caught and lose your earnings.
  • Make sure to contact the company that you completed an offer from directly using the links provided within the app if you need support.
  • New offers are being added frequently so check often for new ones.
  • Be sure to utilize the Rewards Per Video every day, it’s an easy way to increase your earnings.
  • This app has one of the best referral programs so be sure to get as many legit referrals you can.


  1. Hello! I just signed up with your referral code. I am trying a lot of these apps that you have written about. Not sure how much time you put into these things.. I guess $0.01 adds up eventually!

    Thanks for all the good info.

    • Hi Kristen,

      Thanks for the support. I do put a great deal of time into researching all of these apps. The nice thing about this the fact that you can get paid by most them in your spare time. I think it’s great to earn a little extra income, during time when I normally wouldn’t, especially as a single parent.

  2. Hi,
    Just tried signing up for Bamboo Wallet and I found out at the end that Jailbroken iPhones are allowed and are blocked from signing up.
    Just wanted to pass this along so others wont waste their time.

    • Hi Brian,

      Thanks for sharing. This is the official word from JunoWallet that they posted on the website:

      JunoWallet does not allow users with jailbroken devices to sign up for new accounts. (Even though we do not allow for new account registration for jailbroken devices, we do NOT suspend users just because they have a jailbroken device. If your account has been suspended, it means you have violated any one of our Terms of Service, NOT because you have a jailbroken phone)

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