Surveys On The Go App Review | Paid 2 Times

Get Paid $1 For Each Survey

Surveys on the go is a very convenient survey app for iPhone, iPad, and Android. You get paid $1 each for most of the  short surveys or poll that you answer. Payments are in cash not in points. I have been using this app for a couple of months and I have been paid $10 from it so far. I highly recommend Surveys On The Go, it is a relatively slow earner but the amount you are paid compared to the amount of time you spend is phenomenal. I have personally contacted support and found them to respond very quickly.

Surveys On The Go Is Recommended

Update April 7th, 2013 – I have been paid 3 times by Surveys On The Go for a total of $32.65.


How Surveys On The Go Works

What You Can Earn

My Surveys On The Go Account

My Surveys On The Go Account

When you open Surveys On The Go it tells you immediately if there are any surveys available. If there are any you simply answer them and get paid $1 for each one that is accepted. Surveys can pay as much as $5 and as little as .25 but almost all of the ones I have taken have been $1. Most surveys are about 10 questions long and take only a few minutes to complete.

The only downside is that you usually don’t know if you have qualified until after the survey is over. I have done about 20 surveys so far and there have only been about 2 that I didn’t qualify for.


At this time there is no referral program but the company has told me that they are working on one. If more people sign up and use the service there will be more surveys and programs available.


Here is a link to the Website:

Surveys On The Go

Here is the free download link for Surveys On The Go  on Android in the Google Play Store.


Here is the link to download Surveys On The Go for free at the App Store:

Surveys On The Go – MFour Mobile Research, Inc

Minimum Payment

At this time there is a minimum payment of $10 which can take a while to reach. That can be a little frustrating to those who want to make huge money quick, but they do their best to ensure everyone in the panel gets as many opportunities as possible to earn money.


Cashing Out

When you reach the $10 minimum required to cash out, you can request payment at anytime. You are paid directly to your Paypal account immediately. Payments are made by electronic check so Paypal does hold the funds for a few days.


Helpful Surveys On The Go Tips

  • It is important to fill out your profile to get the most relevant surveys available.

  • Make sure you turn on notifications so you know when new surveys are available.

  • I have found that notifications don’t always work right so it’s best to check the app often to make sure you don’t miss any opportunities.

  • There is a limited amount of each survey available so be sure to do them asap.




  1. You are lucky if you are in a country that offers tons of surveys. I have a friend in another country who signed up for paid survey site. She got surveys for a few weeks then they stopped. She wasn’t able to reach quota needed for her to receive money. She felt it was a waste of time. So make sure to do necessary research whether the survey site will cater well on your locality. Or your efforts might go to waste.

  2. This is a wonderful app. I have had it for 6 months and love the surveys and have been paid out 2x.

  3. This app is a joke, it owes me about $6.00. Always after completing 85% of the survey it tells me that the survey is full. Example, it asks me if I watch those pathetic main stream tv shows and when I answer no to all of them it rejects me for the survey with some lame BS excuse.

    Only idiots and degenerate half wits watch those shows. Pathetic nobodies who wish their lives were half as good as those hollywood whores watch those poorly written regurgitated fantasy land cat shite shows.

    This app owes me about $6.00 which I will never be paid because its a ripoff scumbag app.

    Update. June 18, 2012

    I was just ripped off for $2.00 from a right wing rethuglicon attack add. This last survey was biased and slanted and basically a racist rethuglicon attack on Obama.

    The survey consisted of 2 videos and some questions concerning the healthcare industry and economic industry. I answered honestly and at the 86% mark, I was rejected for this survey because it was full.

    No it wasn’t full, I just didn’t answer the way they wanted me to and then they refused payment.

    I am going to write dozens of honest reviews on this app and laugh as it sinks into the toilet.

    Don’t bother with this one. It’s a scam.

    • Thanks for the feedback. It looks like you have not taken surveys for very many companies before. I can see where it can be a little frustrating to have a survey rejected after spending a little time on it. In my experience Surveys On The Go does everything they say the will do and although sometimes a survey gets rejected, the amount of rejected surveys is usually much less than most other companies.

      I have had a couple of Surveys On The Go surveys rejected after I finished them but the amount of time it takes to complete a survey is usually less time than the qualifiers at other survey sites. Although it does take a relatively long time to reach the minimum, they do pay you when you reach it, unlike some other companies.

    • Yeah, just recently signed up for app and was really taken aback and creeped out by the extreme right wing bias that I noticed just in the initial “getting to know you” 25 cent survey questions. After I took those it never offered me any surveys and I don’t expect that it will given that it appears that I don’t fit the “demographic” they are searching for.

      • Hi JoGuy,

        It takes awhile to get enough surveys to get paid. I have found that most legitimate survey apps including this one take around 6 months to reach the minimum if you do all of the surveys available to you. Sometimes the political stuff does seem pretty biased which I also see with most other political surveys but I get plenty of surveys and I am not really into politics at all.

    • They didn’t rip you just don’t know how to answering the questions to get your money.

  4. Wow this is amazing! I should try this.

  5. Always On The Go says

    I am wondering where do I get the codes to do more surveys! I love the idea of this app off my phone I just need more codes for where I can get more done. thanks!!

  6. I got this app over 6 months ago and right now I am at $9. Almost there! Just do all the surveys available to you. I do agree and feel sometimes if you don’t answer they way they want you to it will get rejected and say its full when you are almost done.

    Another thing that bugs me is I will get a notification that I have a paid survey waiting and I will open the app immediately and it won’t be there. It does that a lot. I open immediately and te survey is gone already? Strange. Most surveys I have taken are only $.25-$.50. A couple have been $1 but not many. It just takes time.

    I am not familiar with the payout as I am still only at $9. So I hope they don’t play with me and leave me at $9 forever.

    I too would like to know how go get codes. I have searched online everywhere and can’t find anything.

    It’s a good app I suppose. Just be patient

    • Hi Sara,

      I don’t have any info on the codes, when I asked they sent me a reply that did not make any sense. You will likely reach $10 pretty soon. I just reached it for the second time and it took a little more that 6 months this time. It seems like a long time but it is about average for survey apps. Initially every survey was usually worth a dollar but they have introduced many lower paying surveys. I have gotten some “phantom” notifications lately as well, it could be due to a delay in sending notifications like Checkpoints has.

  7. ClaireApps says

    Now I’m really confused if this App really works and pays, because upon reading the forum there are some negative comments.

    • The app pays it just takes awhile to get to the minimum like every legit survey app that I have used. It is around 6 months to get to $10.00 which seems to be about average.

  8. Yes, i needed a long time for reaching the 10$ Limit, too.
    The number of surveys increased some days ago, sometimes i’ve gotten one survey every day 🙂

  9. I have had this app for almost a year and have only earned $4.00 so far. Frustrating!

    • Hi Nicole,

      You will earn about as much with this app as any other legitimate mobile survey app. I recommend checking it more frequently and ignoring the push notifications if you want to speed up your earnings. You should be able to get to $10.00 in around 6 months. I let it accumulate to $12.40 this time but I have been able to cash out for a while.

  10. I have done like 12 surveys but only have $6 most of mine are. .25 no way $$1 kinda ducks more surveys not available

    • Hi Terry,

      It is slow compared to other methods of earning but it is pretty competitive for a survey app. I wish it was faster as well but it does seem to be getting a little slower. That could have something to do with the fact that the service is more mature and probably has many more users and competitors than when I originally reviewed it.

    • Lori Pfister says

      I’m late to this party but I know that this app offers quite a few survey’s for Home Depot and Walmart. But if you keep going to the same location of those 2 then you won’t receive many survey’s. I learned that whenever I go to different locations of big chain stores (while doing tasks for other app’s I make money from) then SOTG offers more survey’s rather just going to the same local stores near my house constantly.

  11. So still nothing on the codes??

  12. Dan Gonzales says

    ON GO is a total scam. Their app description in the itunes store says surveys range from 25 cents to a dollar but hell if I’ve seen a single dollar survey yet. And forget about ever collecting the $10 minimum to cash out. Total scam, I’m never expecting to ever see that $10.

  13. You know more than what your saying stop replying with lies to back up the app

  14. How can I get more surveys? I’ve only been able to only take 6. How can I get codes?

    • Surveys On The Go only has a small amount. The best way to get more surveys is to sign up with other legitimate survey apps. I have inquired with the company about codes but they did not tell me what they are for or how to get them.

  15. I have had this app for a month and only earned 1.50. How do I get more survaes

  16. This is a stupid app! They take a long time to post any surveys! Then one time for entertainment they advertise that if you take that survey you’ll be earning $20 right! NOT! After finishing they just credited me 10 cents for my time! Didn’t even show on my earnings! I have this app for the longest checking daily for new ones nothing! Jeez! Waste of time!

  17. I think it’s crap when at the beginning of the survey I’m asked if I have kids n how many n ages n sex… Then at the end of the survey I’m asked if any kids live in the home I respond 2 and when it’s submitted it says I no longer qualify. If that’s the case why didn’t they tell me that in the beginning when I said I had kids in the home. Ripped me off for $2.00!! CRAP I tell ya!!

  18. I as well have only gained $3.10 and i have had the app for over a year. Doing every survey it sends me. I have recieved two surveys that were worth $75 but the first and second rejected me because i didnt fit the demographic appently, one gave me 25 cents for my time and the other gave me 10.
    Its very tedious. Once i reach the $10 mark and get paid my first amount i will be deleteing the app. The space it takes up vs the payout isnt worth it

  19. Any codes??

  20. Is there anything about the codes yet??

  21. Hey stan !What r other leget survey apps? I have cashed on on this one twice would likd to do other as well

  22. Oh my god this is a stupid app I only got 2 dollars in a year and they don’t let me payout. People that want to take surveys don’t waste your silly time on the piece of junk. Whoever is the admin of this app you suck. I wish people can sue you you meatbag.

  23. Surveys on the go isn’t worth your while

  24. How do I get survey codes that would nice its irritating doing .50 cent surveys a dollar one sent to emails or something would be cool

  25. Now that i am about to be at $10 it is not adding in for my update i never had any time where it was just pensing until now.

  26. I have had this app less then two months and am at 6.00.
    I really don’t see why everyone else is having issues.
    I had a three dollar One a week ago.

  27. I’ve had survey on the go for less than a week and have 9.35


    I’ve had survey on the go now fir maybe two weeks says I’m at 6.25 that I have already but I also have 1 dollar pending and 4 dollars pending so just waiting to get to cash out . So to me the app seems pretty good no complaints here

  29. Ive had SOTG app installed for a year or so. I have received one payment so far. The earnings per survey are quite nice. However, I don’t get many surveys. I have location set etc. That is the main issue for me. Im stuck at $6 for months now and cash out $10

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