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Get Paid To Watch TV

Viggle is an app for Android, iPad, iTouch, and iPhone, that pays you to watch TV, watch commercials, play games, and get reminded when your favorite shows come on. Viggle was released a week ago, I tried to download it on the first day but they were too busy. I downloaded it a few days ago and have made $30 worth of Amazon gift cards already in with very little effort.


This is one of the easiest money making opportunities on iPhone and Android, I recommend that everyone with an iPhone or Android try it. It is perfect for earning prizes in your spare time no matter where you are.


Update July 21, 2012 – I have been seeing a lot of negative reviews of Viggle and I have gotten some negative feedback lately because the earnings are not as good as they used to be. I do realize that the earnings have been slow lately, I would like to point out that we are in the off season for TV, so advertisers are not paying as much to get you to watch their shows. Viggle has also been dealing with huge growth by adding the Android app. I think that even at the current level of earnings, no matter how you look at it, getting paid for watching TV (which most people usually do for free) is a good deal.


Viggle Is Recommended

Update November 9th, 2012 –  I have been paid 32 times and made a total of $305 in Amazon and iTunes gift cards using Viggle!!

Although Viggle is still recommended since they do pay on time, I have found that the amount you get paid has decreased so much since this article was written that I no longer use Viggle. I forfeited the last of my points (about 7,000) due to inactivity in May of 2014. Most of the information in this article is very outdated and does not reflect the current amounts or prizes in Viggle.


How Viggle Works

A Loyalty Program For Television

With Viggle  you are paid in points that you can redeem for various prizes,  all you have to do is check in to television shows, watch commercials, play games, and set reminders for shows. You can check in a maximum of 12 hours of TV a day at the rate of  about 120 points an hour. Watching trailers and commercials pays between 30-100 points and they can be around 14 seconds to a few minutes.

To get paid for watching shows you must place the phone near your TV while the show is on. It recognizes what is being broadcast on most channels using technology similar to the  Shazam App.  If you have trouble checking in you can manually check in after 2 tries as long as your show is being broadcast at the time.

Viggle Live

Viggle Live is a game that Viggle offers during major television events or shows they really want you to watch. Sometimes Viggle Live is sponsored by companies like Bing or Capital One and when that happens the prizes can be very big. With major events they pay 100-300 points per correct answer and up to 5000 points for predicting the winner of events like The Daytona 500. Even if you answer incorrectly you usually get 10- 15 points. I have been very successful with Viggle Live so far, especially with The Super Bowl, The Grammys, The Daytona 500, The Academy Awards, and The NCAA final Four.  I have also played mini Viggle Live games during American Idol and Glee that usually only pay about 15 points per correct answer.

When you use Viggle live they have you answer trivia questions, answer predictions, and have you vote in polls during the shows you are watching. Usually there are really big point questions for predicting the overall winners of award shows or sporting events. I love Viggle live, I have found that it makes watching sports much more enjoyable again because it is like betting on the game without the potential to lose any money.

Bonus points For Certain Shows

There are currently a very large amount of shows that pay bonus points, in addition to the regular points for checking in, for you to watch them . The lineup of shows with bonus points changes. Right now you can get between 200 bonus points for Jersey Shore to 400 bonus points for American Idol and The Voice. Some of the other shows that pay bonus points are: The Mentalist(275 points), Are You There, Chelsea? (275 Points), Royal Pains (300 points), and Conan (250 points).

Viggle Games

So far the only game I have seen is trivia, you can test your knowledge of reality TV, sports, news, and science fiction. You get paid 15 points for every correct answer you give.

Viggle reminders

You get 10 points for setting a reminder to watch various shows and 15 points to go through brief tutorials.

Is There A Referral Program?

August 1st, 2012 – right now, during the Olympics is an amazing time to try Viggle if you haven’t already. The referral bonus has temporarily gone to 1000 points and there is Viggle live all day long for 25-100 points. I don’t thing the opportunity has been this good since they launched and you are getting paid to watch the Olympics.


There is currently a referral program that Pays you 200 points for every referral, the only thing referrals have to do to earn you points is an initial check in. It states in the ToS that you must personally know any referrals.


Here is the link to download Viggle for free on Android in the Google Play Store.


This is an official iTunes link to download Viggle for free at the iTunes App Store:

Viggle – Viggle, Inc.

What You Can Earn From Viggle

Special offers

It is very important to understand that the available prizes and amounts prizes cost can change without warning. During the first week Viggle had a deal on amazon $5 gift cards, they were 4000 points each. As of this writing the deal has changed to Fandango $5 gift cards gift cards which are now 4000 points each.

Regular Prizes

Update as August 14th, 2012 Viggle has changed the point values to 12,000 points for a $5.00 gift card or 25,000 points for a $10.00 gift card.

As a general rule of thumb Viggle points are worth around 9000 points for a $5.00  gift card or 18,000 points for a $10. There are a large amount of gift card prizes available including but not limited to: Best Buy, Gap, Old Navy, Starbucks, Burger King, Hot Topic, Cvs, Chilis, Hulu Plus, and iTunes.

Physical Prizes And Charities

There are also some Physical products sometimes like ipod Touch for 375,000 points and MacBook Air for 3,700,000 points. If you prefer there is also an option to donate to different charities including the Boys and Girls club 0r the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Earnings Limit

Update August 14, 2012 -The Daily earnings cap is now 6,000 points and there is a maximum of 12 hours a day you can be checked in.

There is currently a maximum earning potential of $550 per person in a calender year. This does not include any winnings from drawings or sweepstakes. Viggle has also set a cap of 12,000 points per day. They lift the daily cap when there are major Viggle live events like the Super Bowl or the Daytona 500.


Cashing Out With Viggle

I have only cashed out Amazon and iTunes gift cards which were all paid immediately. You may be required to fill in your address and verify your email account in order to cash out, they also require you to sign in.  Sometimes the gift card email doesn’t arrive but you can always access your gift cards easily from the check in history tab.

Warning: if you are like me you don’t watch much television. This app has changed that very quickly. If you already watch plenty of TV than it should not make any difference.

There is also a large amount of functionality with Viggle. It has Facebook, Imdb, Wikipedia, iTunes, Amazon, And Bing built in. That way you can find out all bout your favorite shows from the app.There is also a chatter function that shows you what shows everyone is talking about.

Helpful Tips

  • It is important to remember that this app is very new, there are a few bugs but they won’t affect you very much. I have failed to get credit for a few check ins but the bonuses more than make up for it.
  • You need to make sure that your check ins work and that you don’t get checked out, if the pink check mark disappears make sure you check back in.
  • If you run out of earning opportunities either close the app for awhile, check into a show or do a search for more shows.
  • Make sure you redeem your prizes right away if you like the special, it can change without any warning.
  • They state in the terms of service that they need to have a great deal of flexibility and can pay different amounts to different users for the same actions so there will be some changes.
  • Make sure there is at least 10 minutes left of a show that offers bonus points before you check in. They consider it fraud to try to earn bonus points in less than 10 minutes.
  • Please don’t try to cheat the app, this is an amazing opportunity for us all to earn a good amount of prizes, if you cheat them it will just reduce the earning potential for everyone.
  • Try Tweeting or sharing your check ins on Facebook for some extra points.





  1. I Love Viggle, thank you very much.

    • Your welcome very much, I Love Viggle too.

      • I think earning points with Viggle is an easy process. Redeeming those points has not been so easy. The last couple of times I tried to redeem for Starbucks I was given only an error message. I have redeemed for Best Buy and had no problems. As Best Buy was not a available, I tried Starbucks. When I wrote in to see about the error, I was told I must be trying to cheat the system and I watch more tv than what was humanly possible.
        Also, that I would most likely be removed from the system and lose the points I have collect thus far.
        If you don’t want people to check in and use the app. Why make it available all day. If there is a daily limit to the points one can earn, why say one is earning too many points?
        I think there are still some issues with this program.

  2. This app puts those website survey/trial offer folks to shame. Thank You Viggle

  3. audge0804 says

    How do I earn the most points in a day? There is a 12,000 point limit. How do I meet that? Also will the app notify you when you can participate in trivia???

    • Hi audge0804,
      Thanks for asking, right now the only trivia that seems to be available is Viggle Live. There used to be trivial games throughout the app but they have discontinued that, at least for the time being, to focus on ads and check ins which bring revenue.

      The best way to reach the maximimum earning limit at this time is to combine check ins, which at 12 hours a day is a maximum of 1,440 points, with watching the in app commercials that pay between 10-100 points each. If you pay attention to the shows (usually prime time) that give bonus points for checking in that can be worth thousands of extra points per night. Also sharing check ins on Twitter and Facebook is usually worth points. Just remember that you can only earn a maximum of $550 per year no matter what which is Amazing for just watching TV.

      Please make sure to not only follow the TOS but also make sure you tell Viggle support how much you appreciate them, and how awesome their app is, when you can. There is a category for that in the contact section.

      Let me know if you have any more questions!

  4. Viggle is WAY awesome! 🙂

  5. Im saving up for a apple tv on viggle. It costs 210,000. Does anyone know how i can hack my points and get more quickly????

    • PLEASE don’t try to hack Viggle. They provide an amazing service that pays very well compared to the amount of effort it takes. This is one of the best Apps That Pay You. Cheating Viggle will only result in them either going away or making it more difficult for everyone else. You can easily make that much legitimately.

  6. I want go to 1 million points someone plz tell me how

    • A million points sounds really good but I recommend cashing out whenever you have enough points for the reward you are looking for. Since Viggle is so new, they don’t really have all of the rewards and prices set in stone, that means everything is subject to change at any time. So far, I have seen many prizes disappear or go up in price but nothing has really gone down. Also Viggle owns the points, not you, so they can easily change the terms.

      My experience as a business owner tells me that any business can disappear at any time. I hope Viggle is around for a really long time but the only way that will happen is if they are able to be consistently profitable. If EVERYONE respects Viggle and uses the service as they intend, it should thrive and continue to Pay us all for a long time. Over time you should be able to easily reach a million points. My total points From the Day I started in late January until now is more than a quarter of a million.

  7. After watching SNL tonight and playing the trivia is said I received some points then my screen went blank and now I can’t access the app. I’ve really enjoyed this and would like to continue playing. Please tell me how I can get this app back.

    • I see you are having trouble with Viggle. Have you tried doing a hard reset on your iPhone? If that doesn’t work usually uninstalling and reinstalling helps. If you are still experiencing issues, I will help you as much as I can, but after these 2 things it is time to contact Viggle support.

      Please let me know if this worked or if you need any further assistance. Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

  8. derby tim says

    It isnt necessary to hack Viggle but they are tightening up.

    my Favorite shows used to be Nasa but viggle caught on to that and put hourly stops into it. My latest favorite shows to sign into are: (ARE YOU KIDDING I dont want them to shut down more of my lazy point shows during my work day and while I sleep). But seriously if you have an on line TV Guide you can see the long blocks of time on a single show. The Bonus points I have a 12 minute timer on my iphone clock app so I know when the bonus 12 minutes have gone bye. I used to get 5 bonus shows an hour but Viggle has cut back on the number of bonus shows in an hour. So i am happy to catch 4 shows.

    There are more trick that dont Hack Viggle but I will save them for another post.

    • When you do things like this it reduces Viggle’s effectiveness and profitability. The more people try to cheat Viggle the harder it will be for those of us to use the service legitimately. Viggle doesn’t want you checking into shows that you aren’t watching. The whole point is for you to watch the advertising and for them to see what people really are watching. Please respect Viggle so that it can stay around for a long time and continue to be a good opportunity for everyone.

  9. Viggle is hard to earn points now you only get 10-40 points for half hour shows and about 100 for hour shows

    • Hi Jordan,

      I agree that the earnings are slower now that we are in the off season for TV but Viggle is still a good app. You still get paid to do something you were already doing for free. I’m pretty sure that when the TV season starts again we will earn more. I made an update to the top of the post to address this issue.

  10. Viggle sucks now. They increase the amount of points you need to get a gift card. Took away all of the ads, and lowered all of the bonus points for bonus shows. To top it off, they took off all of the good rewards. It is not worth the time.

  11. I agree with Amanda…the app store rating even went from somewhere like 3 – 4 stars to practically around 1 star. Everyone is so upset and disappointed. You should at least move it from your recommended section from your website. After all, a lot of people who wrote reviews and did calculations that led them to realizing it could take up to 6 MONTHS for a $5 card! Insanity! Especially when some users said they USED to be able to get $25 Best Buy cards in a couple of weeks. I wish I knew about the app before it downgraded so much….at least they have giveaways though. Like the Macbook right now. *sigh*

    • Hi Debby,

      I appreciate your input and I realize that many people are upset about Viggle changing. When Viggle launched I was able to easily get $5.00-$10.00 in Amazon gift cards in a day with very little effort. Although the earning potential has decreased significantly the company still pays immediately and they are still paying you to watch TV. I don’t know of any other program that offers this stream of revenue. I think anybody estimating that it takes 6 months for a $5.00 card is exaggerating too much.

      At this time I am still recommending Viggle but your post caused me to look more closely at them. I found out that they lost about 25 million dollars in the quarter before they changed the earnings potential. I will update the post with more information about all of this soon.

  12. i LOVE viggle!!!! I have nothing bad to say about Viggle. Yea, it is harder to get points, yea it does take longer, but look at it this way, WE ARE GETTING PAID TO WATCH TV 🙂 It cant get better than that 🙂

    Thank you VIGGLE…….I love the different stores/options they have to choose from. It makes watching tv even more exciting when you know you are closer to reaching the amount of points needed to get what you want 🙂

    • Hi Angie,

      Thanks for the feedback. I agree, there is no one else that pays you just to watch TV. Viggle isn’t perfect but it is certainly worth the minimal amount of time for such nice rewards.

  13. I just heard about this app yesterday & starting using it, I must say for right now. I haven’t had any problems with it at all. I just read Qb Tiger comment, let me say this I work from home & all I do is watch my movies, soap operas & whatever ever else peeps my interests, while working as well. So, if viggle doesn’t think a person can watch alot of tv throughout the day, then your sadly mistaken. Seriously what else would prefer us too do, not support you.

  14. Part 2 My final review about viggle: Ok app been working perfectly find all day…checked in for the Titanic movie & wanted too play the trivia game also. Question appeared ..was able to answer one thing I know timer ran next question…pop up starting constantly stating : no internet connection really….my thought guess viggle didn’t think about the high volume traffic that would be flowing through out their server…my guess it seems that they cant handle the pressure…..but with that being said…you gave me and my IT Tech friends a wonderful idea….At least we wont cheat our consumers out of their prizes…they rightfully earned…..nor will we jacked up the points on the items, nor will we closed any account : just because, we fill we can cause they are close at hitting their point mark for items…This might not get posted, but as long as you have read it …Im more than happy with that….

    • Hi Callie,

      Viggle is not what it used to be. If you have a lot of time on your hands and watch lots of tv it does give you some rewards eventually but they obviously cant pay out like they originally did and still make a profit. If you are developing a similar app I would be happy to check it out. Keep in mind the owner of Viggle, Robert F X Sillerman, is a billionaire with a large media company. It doesn’t look like they are as interested in the app business as they are trying compete with AC Nielson to be ratings service.

  15. Part 2 My final review about viggle: Ok app been working perfectly find all day…checked in for the Titanic movie & wanted too play the trivia game also. Question appeared ..was able to answer one thing I know timer ran next question…pop up starting constantly stating : no internet connection really….my thought guess viggle didn’t think about the high volume traffic that would be flowing through out their server…my guess it seems that they cant handle the pressure…..but with that being said…you gave me and my IT Tech friends a wonderful idea….At least we wont cheat our consumers out of their prizes…they rightfully earned…..nor will we jacked up the points on the items, nor will we closed any account : just because, we fill we can cause they are close at hitting their point mark for items…This might not get posted, but as long as you have read it …Im more than happy with that….

  16. Used to be good but doesn’t work right anymore. They do pay if you can get app to work. wait till they fix. if they fix..its a good app.

  17. Cheryl Taylor says

    Viggle is such a rip off!! As soon as you close enough to redeem what you e been saving points for, that reward offer disappears I else they update you that the pints require, for example a kindle fire hd suddenly double!!! Stick it viggle!

  18. I liked viggle once it was released. Now the rewards are a disgrace and often it will not pick up the show you are watching even when you enter it. Viggle is going down hill.

  19. Oh dear lord. Viggle is a mess now. First week of viggle you could earn about 5$ A DAY. June 2012 – Now you can earn a max of 2$ a day or less, and the price of a 25$ gift card increased by about 35%. Last week viggle updated and a 25$ Gift card is as much as 75000 points – 94000 points. I would no longer recommend viggle.

  20. Cathrine Hillard says

    I used to be an occasional viggler but now that I am retired, I watch a lot more television. Because I watch more TV, I have been looking at my viggle points more frequently. I noticed that when I click on an advertisement and watch it, my phone will say that I got the extra points but when I look at my total points, they haven’t increased any. I am going to make a written record of my points at beginning of day, what shows watched, how long, and adds watched that say I got points and see if I can find out where the error is occurring. Does anyone else have this issue?

  21. Check out Viggle Boy, which posts daily check in schedule, streaks and quests details, tips to earn more points and viggle live answers to movies… I have subscribed to its emails where I get the daily schedule emailed to me. Love Viggle Boy…

  22. Viggle has become a waste of time. The points required has escalated with the variety of gift cards reduced to a bare minimum. Go with Swagbucks!

  23. Furious With Viggle says

    This is the all time WORST app. Their server is constantly down and their “customer service reps” are hideous. Their rewards are awful. Don’t bother. It is a waste of time.

  24. Viggle use to be a good app back in the day. Now you barely see giftcards and the point ratio is crazy ! smh.. If they had a paypal option to redeem/transfer my points I would do it in a heart beat just to delete the app.

    • They claimed that my points expired because I stopped using it but they are still there. I don’t really see the point anymore. Unfortunately so many people were taking advantage of the big payouts and creating multiple accounts, I actually saw someone online bragging about having 63 accounts. I think they took such a huge loss on the fraud that they decided to make it no longer worthwhile to use.

  25. This app does work. I redeemed points on Puma sport-hybrid ear buds and actually received them.

  26. At one time, Viggle was both fun AND rewarding. A recent survey they had many members take resulted in a huge increase in point values; however, they are so restrictive on gift cards that it is almost not worth the effort anymore. Originally, you simply picked a gift card; now, they post them randomly in the evening, and it is like Black Friday at Wal-Mart trying to get a card. Best buy & Amazon cards are gone before many people even know they are there. the reason is Viggle is deep in debt. in fact, in a recent earning conference call the John Small, the CFO of Viggle stated:

    “The operating loss for the quarter was $17.5 million, a decrease of 26% compared with the $23.6 million in the prior year. The decrease is attributable to the increase in revenue as well as decreases in cost and engagement of watchpoints. Our watchpoints cost during the quarter was $1.4 million, a decrease from $2.6 million from a year ago showing the continued leverage and continue cost containment on our rewards catalog side.” (Complete transcript is at )

    Clearly, their “cost-containment in the rewards catalogue is to help them get out of debt. However there are two aspects that they fail to mention: 1) How do they propose to handle this debt (in points) to the very people who provide the information that they sell? 2) Viggle could not provide demographic information if everyone bailed on them. What would happen if everyone who used Viggle STOPPED for a period of, say, 5 days, during sweeps week? I believe they would be in serious trouble.

    If anyone speaks up, they get booted from Viggle (I have several friends who were banned because they spoke up.) I plan to purchase a few shares of their stock, and participate in the next conference call, to ask these questions. I suggest everyoen STOP using Viggle during the first week of February, 2015. Bring them to their knees and make them see that without us, they have no company!

  27. Yes they notify you.The best way and easiest to ensure you get the daily maximum of points (12,000) is to open the app.Sign in.Scroll to what’s on and featured.Then with your finger scroll down to the right 6 times.When your there there is a screen for earning 20 viggle points.Stay there for the long haul.Alone by itself compared to being within the shows.This way is the easiest,best,and a very telling way (they show you your point total in upper right hand corner)unlike getting the ads within the shows themselves which Doesn’t show you your point total.

  28. I loved Viggle until my points disappeared when I was ready to cash them in and.had almost $100.00 was going to use for groceries. When I last logged in it gave me a new password and 100 points. So disappointed.. Sent emails to viggle no answers.??

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